Honest Corporate Reporting Honored

In a time of corporate scandals and book-cooking, this year's Business Ethics Awards included a prize for honesty in annual reports. Each year, Business Ethics magazine honors companies that emphasize social responsibility while maintaining a profit.

Baxter Healthcare won the Environmental Reporting Award for its consistency in reporting both its environmental accomplishments and its shortcomings. Baxter is also pledging to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent by 2005.

3M Company won the Environmental Excellence Award for leadership in energy efficiency and lifecycle management—designing its products to minimize environmental impacts from creation through disposal.

Organic Valley, a cooperative of 633 organic farmers, received this year's Living Economy Award for companies that are locally based, stakeholder owned, democratically accountable, and life serving. The Social Legacy Award went to employee-owned Antioch Co., which has received national recognition for annually reallocating employee stock proportions so that older and newer employees receive equal benefits.

To learn more about present and past Business Ethics Awards, visit Business Ethics Magazine's web site at www.business-ethics.com.

Becky Brun is an intern at YES!
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