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A New Culture Emerges

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Table of Contents
Winter 2000-01

by Richard Heinberg
Five ethical breakthroughs in the last 1,000 years have changed the course of history

A Culture Gets Creative
an interview by Sarah Ruth van Gelder with Paul Ray & Sherry Anderson
While the media is looking the other way, 50 million Americans are recreating the culture

Freedom’s Sacred Dance
by Rosemarie Freeney Harding and Vincent Harding
Stories from the Freedom Movement tell of the dance of democracy and spirit, courage and resistance, suffering and grace

Veterans of Hope: Bernice Johnson Reagon
The founder of the well-known acappella group, “Sweet Honey in the Rock,” tells of finding her voice, in this Veterans of Hope interview.

Veterans of Hope: James Lawson
A minister, and friend and colleague of Martin Luther King on the meaning of nonviolence.

Veterans of Hope: Ruby Sales
In this Veterans of Hope interview, Ruby Sales tells of her release from prison in Haneyville, Alabama, where she and Jonathan Daniels, a white seminarian, had been registering people to vote

Nexxt Revolutionaries
by Shannon Service
America’s corporatized, consumerized, televized children take to the streets

The Total Thrust is Global Justice
by Drew Dellinger
A poem.


The New Solidarity
by Anthony S. Arch
Two old foes — workers and environmentalists —forge an alliance that adds up to trouble for Charles Hurwitz and Maxxam, Inc

India’s Silent but Singing Revolution
by Pramila Jayapal
Fifty years ago, Gandhi gave the world a vision of nonviolent revolution. Today, another Indian man has set in motion a social revolution linking the poorest of the poor with India’s more fortunate

Love with Claws and Jaws
by Carolyn Raffensperger
Activism that begins in simple love of the Earth often turns into the fight for — and against — power. How do you reconcile the two?

Garden of Simplicity
by Duane Elgin
Over-stressed, over-cluttered, and over-spent Americans are simplifying their lives, but no two are doing it the same way

Earth Charter
by Jan Roberts
When governments failed to agree on the language for an Earth Charter, ordinary people took over and invented the most open, participatory drafting process in history

The Great Community of the Earth
by Thomas Berry
We now have an unprecedented capacity to communicate on a global scale. Which stories should we tell? Which dreams should we share?

by Charles John Pace
Before he died of AIDS, this poet joyfully celebrated the emergence of a new world

sustainable living
One Meal, One Vote
by Donella Meadows
What does humane chicken farming have to do with your health and with antibiotic-resistant infections?

Idiocy and Sustainability
by Thomas Prugh
Meet Sprinkler Man, the bogeyman, the scapegoat, and maybe yourself. An argument for direct democracy



Long Night Moon
by Therése Halscheid
The winter solstice becomes a time of communion

in review
Bobos in Paradise: the bohemians and the bourgeoisie have mind-melded. That means the Bobos are in charge
Against All Odds: how Green politics might up-end the tired, tarnished two-party system of American politics
Derailing Democracy

sustainable living
YES! … But How? by Annie Berthold-Bond & Doug Pibel
SUVs, some great ideas for stuff-free holiday giving, conquering dust mites and brown spots, and more

PF network news
Everyone’s Talking by Frances F. Korten
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Letter from the Editor

Readers' Forum

Indicators: World leaders at the UN, Bureau of Indian Affairs head apologizes for “ethnic cleansing,” corporate disaffection, “rubber” shortage

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