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Únete a la revolución de la comida local

Imagina un sistema alimentario que da alimentos frescos y ecológicos a todos. ¿No se puede hacer en un mundo de agricultura industrial? Nosotros decimos que sí, se puede, y se debe, en estos tiempos económicamente difíciles.
Aquí es como hacerlo...

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Wonder City Farm en Cleveland, un huerto construido sobre el asfalto, foto New Agrarian Center
Productos frescos desde… la ciudad
Ciudadanos y autoridades locales se unen para obtener alimentos frescos para escuelas y vecindarios.

Will y Erica Allen del proyecto Growing Power
Cultivando energía en un desierto alimentario urbano
Will Allen está llevando a la agricultura y a los alimentos frescos nuevamente a los barrios de la ciudad.



un mercado en Belo Horizonte, Brazil
La ciudad que terminó con el hambre
Una ciudad de Brasil reclutó agricultores locales para ayudar a hacer algo que las ciudades de EE.UU. todavía tienen que hacer: acabar con el hambre.

David Korten
No arreglen Wall Street, reemplácenla
David Korten pregunta: "¿Por qué no una economía de riqueza verdadera?"



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Community taro harvesting in Hawai'i, photo by Scott Crawford, Kipahulu Ohana,
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Just the Facts. YES! Magazine graphic.
Just the Facts: Food Inc.
Hunger. Pollution. Instability. Obesity. The problem with corporate food—by the numbers.


Community Food System, detail of YES! Magazine graphic
Community Food
What a healthy food system looks like.

Feet and corn cobs, photo by Leslie Friend
8 Ways You Can Join the Local Food Movement
It’s as simple as a shared meal or as complex as a garden project.
MacArthur fellow Will Allen and daughter Erika famr the inner city, photo y
Growing Power
Veggies, fish, even beef—grown in and near cities. Sustenance for urban food deserts.


Heirloom Seeds
6 Ideas for a Better Food System
Community-controlled irrigation, domestic Fair Trade, local food in supermarkets, ...
Belo Horizonte farmer produce stand, Leah Rimkus photos
The City That Ended Hunger
The people of Belo Horizonte, Brazil ended hunger, and it wasn’t that hard.
Can We Feed the World?
Illustration by Nikki McClure
A World of Grace
Across the world, people pause in gratitude before partaking. Here is a sample of what they say ...


New Crop of Farmers
The next generation of farmers and why they love what they do.
Pete Rasmussen

Michael Ann Johns

Juan JP Perez

:: JUAN "JP" PEREZ, 25
Jessica Liborio



Madhu Prakash, photo by Doug Pibel
In Rajinder's Rasoi
What a traditional Indian village kitchen can teach American schools.
Madhu shares kitchen secrets
Cleveland's asphalt vegetable gardens, courtesy New Agrarian Cneter
Fresh from ... the City
Look who’s bringing farming and fresh foods back into city neighborhoods.

Caution Farm Bill sign
A Food Bill Instead of a Farm Bill
4 YES! picks for a better Farm Bill.


Prairie, photo by Carter Johnson
Restoring the Range
The Mortenson family restored a prairie with their sane model of cattle management.
Percy Schmeiser, courtesy RLA Foundation
A Farmer Rounds Up Monsanto
How Percy Schmeiser came away with a clear win.

Stack of cookbooks, photo by Adam MacKinnon
Our Ultimate Cookbook List
YES! staff share the cookbooks they turn to in the kitchen.


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