Across Race Lines

Sarah van Gelder discusses "America: The Remix," YES! Magazine's Spring 2010 issue.
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The history of the United States is littered with examples of race being used to divide natural allies and block progress.

Sarah van Gelder discusses America: The Remix, the Spring 2010 issue of YES! Magazine, which asks how we can resist that sort of fear mongering and instead embrace a new American identity that includes all the races and cultures that make up our country.


Our crises—from the economy to the climate—are too big and too immediate to allow race to continue dividing us. In this issue, we bring you stories of the people and collaborations that are helping our nation finally embrace its identity as a multiracial society.

Barack Obama's election didn't launch a post-racial era. But a racially just, inclusive, and even loving society is still possible, says a YES! Magazine panel of visionaries.

Stories of people, communities, and groups strengthened by diversity.


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