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Art and Community

Document Actions

Another world is possible


Summer 2002 Issue

turning the sword
Artists show us what’s gone wrong with our sprawling, industrial-age world, but they’re also “culture’s scouts, forging paths into the future.” And their creative methods are ones we can all use
by Milenko Matanovic

bridging balkan rapids
What can theater do for young people traumatized by a 10-year civil war? It can bring hope to a ruined city and courage to the terrified
by Sonja Kuftinec

dancing in praise of...
Everybody say “Hallelujah!” Rabbis and reverends, gospel choirs and same-sex couples dance a celebration across the US
by Linda Frye Burnham

going forward full circle
The Suquamish Tribe nearly lost the ancient art of canoe carving. But a handful of youths with the support of the tribe are bringing back the craft
by Connie Kim

the time of your life
With leaps, bounds, and stillness, dancers make peace with time
by Martin Keogh

art to the people
Creating art is not just the work of artists—film festivals, murals, processions, poetry slams, theatre workshops in communities across the US

walking the hope
The day after September 11, an artist and her friends found themselves rolling, pushing, and dragging the 200 pound Earth Charter Ark to New York City
by Nancy Jack Todd

warm, dry, and noble
A visionary architect and teacher brought beauty to the poor, idealism to his students, and a higher calling to his craft
by Andrea Dean with photos by Timothy Hursley

who’s afraid of music?
Music can tell truths that otherwise go unheard, inspiring action, and sustaining resistance
by Carol Estes

resources for citizen artists
Bring art into your activism, community, and life
by Rik Langendoen


not in my brother’s name
Does the suffering of September 11 justify US military attacks? Some families of victims are saying no to more violence and yes to peace
by Carolyn McConnell

the new american majority
Faced with a choice of principle or re-election, Dennis Kucinich chose principle—and paid with his career. Now he’s back, igniting people across the political spectrum with a progressive agenda
an interview with Rep. Dennis Kucinich
by Sarah Ruth van Gelder

the new political compass
While pundits and media remain oblivious, New Progressives are poised to forge a new American majority, whose numbers, clarity of vision, and passion could change the country’s direction
by Paul Ray

global shift

another world is possible
The gathering of tens of thousands of people in Porto Alegre, Brazil, marks a turning point for the movement against corporate globalization
by Walden Bello

the sounds of bombs not exploding
A half million people meditate for peace. A people-to-people exchange crosses military lines. A nonviolent movement is helping end Sri Lanka’s decades-old civil war
by Joanna Macy

sarvodaya’s wake up call
Sri Lanka’s village-based movement brings peace
by Dr. A. T. Ariyaratne

in review

pashtun peacemaker
A story of Gandhi’s Muslim partner in nonviolence
an ecologist traces environmental dangers through her pregnancy
corporations as the new kings
shining light on the desecration of sacred places of the American West

positive futures network news

new staff at pfn
Meet Positive Futures Network staff, old and new
by Frances F. Korten


Letter from the Editor

Indicators: Israeli soldiers refuse; Argentine neighborhoods organize; trouble at the EPA; Rolling Thunder returns the party to politics; and more

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