The Page That Counts :: Summer 2002

Cost of 7.9 liters of oxygen: $29
Value of a 50-year-old red cedar's oxygen output per year: $3 million
Value of a 50-year-old red cedar for timber: $2,700 1
Number of women out of 4,341 top corporate executives in the United States: 171 2 Percentage of top female executives in corporate America who have children: 22 Percentage of top male executives who have children: 70 3
Number of hot dogs eaten annually at US major league baseball games: 26,500,000 Number of hot dogs that Americans will eat during the fourth of July weekend: 155,000,000
That Americans eat annually: 20,000,000,000 (about 69 per person) 4
Approximate population worldwide: 6 billion
Years it would take to reduce the population to one billion through a one-child-per-family plan: 100 5
Number of computers that become obsolete each year in the US: 14-20 million Equivalent amount of gold ore and waste needed to match the gold extracted from US electronic scrap in 1998: 2 million metric tons
Estimated value of precious metal recovered from US electronic scrap in 1998: $3,600,000 6
Number of eyes per worker honeybee: 3 simple and 2 compound
Number of lenses in a bee's compound eye: 6,900
Focal range for a bee: 1-1/2 feet 7
Percent increase from 1990-2000 in the average American worker's wages: 37
In corporate profits: 114
In the S&P 500: 300
In CEO pay (salary, bonuses, cashed-in stock options, long-term compensation, and perks): 571 8
US aid to Israel in 2001: $3,200 million
US annual aid to Egypt: $2,000 million
To the Palestinian Authority: $100 million 9
Percent of US budget that goes to foreign aid: 1
Rank of US in aid giving as percent of GNP among top 21 developed nations: 21 10 Letters in the longest one-syllable English words: 9 (screeched, scratched, scrounged, etc.)
In the longest English word containing no letter more than once: 15 (uncopyrightable)
In the longest word currently listed in Oxford dictionaries: 45 (pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis) 11

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