Beyond War: What Kind of America?

Issue 0  Spring 2003
Issue cover
This special 2003 web-only issue of YES! is a place for you to get answers to your questions about the war in Iraq and the new Bush Doctrine, to consider alternatives to war, to hear the prayers, poems and words of wisdom from other Americans and to link up with others to make your views known.
There is no Basis for War

Talking points created for United for Peace and Justice. We cannot accept the legitimacy of killing potentially hundreds of thousands of Iraqis to prevent an unknown speculative future threat.

From Empire to Earth Community

We can choose a path of patient and compassionate justice that respects life, the rights of the innocent, and the rule of law, as we simultaneously work to bring justice to the world by creating a world that works for all.

Waiting for War

Do Iraqis want an American invasion to free them from Saddam Hussein? An American journeys to Iraq, where he finds a people battered by twenty years of war and sanctions and 30 years of Saddam Hussein’s rule praying an invasion does not come.

Saying Yes! to Peace

Voices from the YES! Magazine archives on War, Iraq, and Envisioning a Better Way.

Is It Right?

What religous leaders, poets, veterans and others are saying about going to war with Iraq