People We Love: Bradley Manning

Challenging secrecy with WikiLeaks.
Bradley Manning

“I was actively involved in something that I was completely against,” wrote “bradass87,” describing why he gave classified information to WikiLeaks. He said that “without information, you ­cannot make informed decisions as a public.”

Bradley Manning, accused of being “bradass87,” was a 22-year-old army intelligence analyst when he was charged in June 2010 with downloading 150,000 diplomatic cables and other classified information. This included the “Collateral Murder” video released by WikiLeaks that shows the shooting from a U.S. army helicopter of Iraqi civilians—including two Reuters news agency staff and men who attempted to help the wounded.

Manning has been held in solitary confinement since his arrest and faces up to 52 years in prison if he is convicted. 


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  • The WikiLeaks documents tell us what we already knew: This war isn't winnable. Can they help us stop it?

  • The patina of glory that surrounds war is wearing off. Is this the beginning of the end of the war mindset?
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