Can Animals Save Us?

Issue 57  Spring 2011
Issue cover
Too often, we forget the biological truth that humans are an animal species, too. Our culture treats animals as food, pets, pests, property, and curiosities. We’ve spoiled their habitats, endangering tens of thousands of species and our own future. If we learn to understand animals, we can protect and restore the planet we all share.
The Page That Counts: Spring 2011

Facts that tell a story… Amount of real money Jon Jacobs received for virtual online real estate: $635,000. Average price of a home in the U.S.: $170,600.

YES! Music Picks: Spring 2011

Musical inspiration while putting out the Spring 2011 issue: Gasoline Rainbows, Dear Companion, and Tomorrow's Children.

YES! But How? Propagating Plants

I’d like to start a garden, but buying plants can be expensive. I’ve read of propagating cuttings using rooting ­hormones. Is there a natural way to propagate?