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Citizens Network
The Citizens Network for Sustainable Development (CitNet) has launched its Leadership for Sustainability campaign to focus attention on sustainability and convince the nation's leaders and citizens to make sustainability a high priority. For the election, the goal is to make America's sustainability a priority for candidates and voters.

The Leadership for Sustainability campaign calls on citizens, public leaders, and candidates for office to do their part to raise awareness about what is needed to make America sustainable; build support for the many sustainability initiatives and campaigns taking place around the country; and advocate for a U.S. sustainability strategy, with an Office of Sustainable Development with inter-agency authority to implement it.

To learn more about the Leadership for Sustainability campaign, visit
Jeffrey Barber, National Coordinator
Citizens Network for Sustainable Development
Rockville, Maryland

Vashon Votes
On Vashon Island, we are working on a voting drive called Vashon Votes! We have a very high turnout for elections, but we are hoping for 100 percent in November this year.

We have voter registration tables out every weekend and monthly articles to inform people about every part of the process. In addition, we are going to reach out to the young, new voters in the fall and offer assistance and fun activities for the election. “10 Ways You Can Change U.S. History” had a lot of great contacts for organizations working on the vote.

Thanks for the great info and keep up the good work.
Sarah Gardner
Vashon Island, Washington

Quilts and Citizenship
Thanks to YES!' Reader's Take Action, I learned about Judith Meeker's unique More Than Warmth project where students make quilts for their peers overseas. Judith responded to my letter with a phone call and that ended with an offer to come to Mississippi and conduct a teacher workshop on making quilts for kids in Iraq, Africa, Afghanistan, Israel, Cuba and China.

Without Readers Take Action, Judith would never have known about Mississippi 2020's national award-winning Growing Leadership program that lays the foundation for students to become non-violent, self-supporting, contributing citizens. In 1992 Jamie F. Boyll and I created the Growing Leadership program to lay the foundation for children to become model citizens.

Based on the wisdom of John Dewey, Dr. Michael Cohen, author of Reconnecting With Nature, and Dr. David Orr, head of Oberlin College's Environmental Studies Department, the program turns a campus into a life laboratory. Curriculum and hands-on “real world” experiences are merged. The immediate effect is student ownership of their education, followed slowly by increases in teamwork, scores and self esteem, reduction in discipline problems and failures, and even greater parental involvement.

Growing Leadership was named the best environmental education program in the nation in 1998 by the National Environmental Education and Training Foundation.
For more information see or write me at Mississippi 2020 Network Inc., Box 13506, Jackson MS or e-mail
 Bob Kochtitzky
Jackson, Mississippi   
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