CO2 quiz: are you Kyoto cool?

 For your household (answer all question based on yearly total):

  • number of miles travelled per year __________ divided by average miles per gallon of your vehicle ______ x 22 pounds CO2/gallon = (do this for each car and any other motor-fueled vehicle, boats included) 
  • number of miles air travel _________ x .9 pounds CO2/mile =
  • miles travelled on mass transit ________ x .5 pounds CO2/mile =
  • miles travelled on taxi or limo _________ x 1.5 pounds CO2/mile =
  • kilowatt hours of electricity _______ x 1.5 pounds CO2/kilowatt hour =
  • gallons of heating oil _________ x 22 pounds CO2/gallon =
  • therms of natural gas ________ x 11 pounds CO2/therm =
  • gallons of propane or bottled gas ______ x 13 pounds CO2/gallon =


Household total _____ divided by number in household ____ = TOTAL PER PERSON


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Jennifer McCulloughis an editorial intern with YES! who has provided much of the background research for this special issue.



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