Changing the Climate

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Winter 1999-2000

A Global Warming Crisis
by Ross Gelbspan.
Signs of an increasingly chaotic climate are turning up in flooded towns, melting ice caps, starving wildlife, and overheated cities. Scientists are warning us - the time to act is now

A Plan for Cooling the Planet
by Ross Gelbspan

by Tracy Fernandez Rysavy
Citizen foresters in L.A. are turning this "heat island" into a cool oasis by planting trees. They may not know it, but they are also helping to cool the planet

Cities Take the Lead
by Michael Closson
Mayors of hundreds of US cities are calling for action on global warming, but they have quit waiting for someone else to "do something"

A Zero-emissions Family
by Donella Meadows
A climate scientist and his wife pledge to bring their household's greenhouse gas emissions to zero

Taking Stock
by Jennifer McCullough
How close are you to reaching the emissions cuts agreed to in Kyoto? Take the test and find out if you're "Kyoto Cool"

Green Schools
by Chloe Frommer
Litterless lunches and "cool school" days - elementary school kids in Canada are saving energy

Episcopal Power & Light
an interview with Sally Bingham
Up to now, churches have tended to focus on people. But increasingly, religious people are feeling called to work for the protection of all life

cool companies
by Joseph J. Romm
"Cool companies" are saving money, improving productivity, and reducing their climate impact. How do they do it?

energy at the edge
by Chloe Frommer, Jennifer McCullough, and Shalini Ramanathan
It's passé to rely on Industrial Age energy sources. The next generation of energy is climate-friendly, innovative, and adapted to place

earth's energy future
Whether you come from Brazil or Germany, India or the US, global warming is your problem and your chance to be part of the solution. Deepa Anandakrishnan, Oronto Douglas, Denis Hayes, Josè Lutzenberger, Francesca Lyman, and Wolfgang Sachs suggest possibilities for an energy revolution

equity in the air
by Tom Athanasiou
The global warming policy debate centers on a simple question: Who has the right to emit how much carbon? The only answer that will fly will treat each person as an equal

resources for a climate-friendly world
Ideas, books, and Web sites to help you get climate friendly


heart & soul
Assembling for Peace
by D.J. Mitchell
Fed up after years of war, 170,000 people gather in Sri Lanka's capital city for a peace meditation called by A.T. Ariyaratne, a man some call a successor to Gandhi

Making Amends
by John Bond
Australians were shocked two years ago by the results of an investigation into the practice of breaking up Aboriginal families. This year, Aussies of all races are gathering to begin the long process of healing

arts & media
China's Living Water Garden
by Anne H. Mavor
A polluted river flows through Chengdu's most popular park, where you'll find water art, water to play in, and water being cleansed in flow forms and wetlands.

global shift
Whose Rules?
by David Morris
The World Trade Organization is meeting in Seattle to develop rules designed to maximize global flows of resources and money. Many citizens are calling for a different set of rules - ones designed to enhance community, sustainability, and our common future

Where will you be...?
by Linda Sewright
If you're not interested in spending the eve of the new millennium at a drunken party or hunkering down waiting for Y2K mishaps, what will you do? Here are some of the peace vigils, interfaith gatherings, and multi-time zone extravaganzas in the works



Letter from the Editor
By Sarah Ruth van Gelder
What is YES!?

Readers' Forum


The Page that Counts

YES! ...but How?
Annie Berthold-Bond & Doug Pibel .
Sustainable gift ideas for a meaningful holiday; sniffing out the health impacts of aromatherapy candles; getting rid of carpenter ants without poisons.

In Review
Avant Gardening: the guerrilla gardens of New York City
- Fire on the Plateau: how the West was lost
- Cancel the Debt Now! writing off the debt burden of the world's poorest countries

PF Network News
Notes from a Pilgrimage
by Frances Korten
Insights from a life-changing encounter with the Dalai Lama

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