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Cities of Exuberance

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Table of Contents
Summer 1999

Dreams: The Making of Cities
By Peter Newman
Cities dreamed up by traffic engineers tend to generate . well, traffic. But other dreams are taking hold that include light rail, traffic calming, lively urban villages


"Smart Growth" - Why Now?
By Peter Newman


Reclaiming our Streets
By David Engwicht
What you can do to reclaim the streets and sidewalks where community can come alive


Portland's Green Peace
By Jay Walljasper
While other cities have sprawled, in Portland a freeway is replaced with a park. Light rail carries people to a lively downtown. Citizens of all races help keep the city green, livable, and affordable

Adding Up the Costs of Sprawl
Tracy Rysavy

Curitiba: The Story of a City
By Bill McKibben
Curitiba, Brazil, is drawing attention around the world not for its beauty or cultural amenities, but for its solutions to ecological and human problems that have left other cities in despair

Greening Cities
By Mark Roseland
Urban villages, community gardens, and native plantings – tools that green cities

Where Would YOU Want to live?
By Sarah van Gelder.



What is the Eco-footprint of Your House?
By Mark Overbay.

Bringing Streams to Light
By Mark Overbay.


Stopping the Big Boxes
By Doug Pibel
How (and why) to stop Big Box retail stores, like K-Mart and Wal-Mart, from locating in your town


Diverse, Green, Beautiful Cities
an interview with Carl Anthony by Sarah van Gelder
Inner cities, blue-collar suburbanites, and environmentalists have more in common than they might think when it comes to cities

What if we Shared?
By Sarah van Gelder.


Resources for Exuberant Cities
by Mark Overbay and Johanna Zetterberg
Places to start revitalizing your city



business & livelihood
Corporate Futures
Paul Hawken & David Korten with Sarah van Gelder
Paul Hawken, author and founder of The Natural Step US, and David Korten, author of The Post-Corporate World, discuss corporations, Monsanto, sustainability, and hope

global shift
Against the Grain
By Peter Montague
Most people don't know that genetically altered foods have already become a staple of the US diet, but there are still viable options

Monsanto and the Codes of Life
By Tracy Rysavy
Monsanto calls a halt to "terminator technology" in the wake of protests around the world


heart & soul
The Other Side of Freedom
By Vicki Robin.
What does it take to claim freedom?


Peace Trees, Vietnam
By Gay-Wynn Cooper.
A group of Americans and their former Vietnamese "enemies" convert a landmine infested field into a peace park and land mine education center


sustainable living
Yes! ...but How?
Annie Berthold-Bond & Doug Pibel .
Paper or plastic? Getting rid of fleas. Toothpowder


Readers' Forum


The Page that Counts

In Review
~ Coming Back to Life
~ Be a Global Force of One
~ Living for Change
~ Nonviolent communications
~ The Changing Nature of Work
~ Blueprint for a Green School

positive futures network news
Ideas, Inspiration and Internships
by Fran Korten

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