Cities of Exuberance

Issue 10  Summer 1999
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Diverse, green, beautiful cities—reclaim the streets and revitalize your community. Summer 1999.
Peace Trees, Vietnam

Although public opinion has turned against the use of landmines, a large number remain active, a lethal reminder of wars long over. One group of Americans and Vietnamese are removing landmines and restoring an indigenous ecosystem ...

Corporate Futures

Can corporations contribute to positive change in the world? Or are they inevitably a part of the problem? YES! executive editor Sarah van Gelder invited Paul Hawkenand David Kortento a discuss this question.

Against the Grain

Genetically modified foods are rapidly becoming as common in the American diet as salt and soft drinks – but most Americans don’t know it. Food processors, grocery stores, regulators don’t have to tell you – and chances are they don’t even know

Dreams: The Making of Cities

"A city should be a place of exuberance and exaltation of the human spirit, a place for celebration and public 'happenings', for rich and easy encounter, for relaxation and enjoyment." E.R.Wickham

Stopping the Big Boxes

Eighty-six communities across the US have stopped Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and other big box retailers from locating in their town. Here’s how they did it.