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Let me share with you some of my reflections based on a number of conferences, meetings, and travels I've been involved in over the last several months.


Everywhere I go, I sense an awakening to the deep dysfunctions of our economic system in America and around the world. Even when the stock market here is booming and the jobless rate falling, I see a growing number of people in this country who sense that the system is deeply flawed and are eager to talk about alternatives.


I accompanied Dave Korten to a number of events associated with the launch of his new book, The Post Corporate World: Life After Capitalism

. I am always amazed that people don't dismiss his ideas as unrealistic idealism, or worse. At presentation after presentation, large audiences and small - including those at the United Nations -respond with searching questions. You can see people begin to shake off their sense of the inevitability of the current system, and soon they begin to talk about actions they can take to help bring about change.


I find those audiences - and people in every gathering I visit - grateful to know of YES !as a quarterly source of inspiration and positive ideas to nurture their commitment. That growing eagerness to engage in deep rethinking and to understand new possibilities helps explain why our subscriber base has grown by more than 30 percent in just the last six months.


YES! makes a great gift.

You may have friends and relatives who would also be grateful to know of YES! Giving them a subscription is a great way to introduce them to this unique source of realism and hope. Last month you may have received a letter from me suggesting that you give YES! for those special occasions such as Father's Day, weddings, and birthdays. Don't forget to send in the form - or if you can't find it, phone (800/YES-4451). Sally Wilson, our circulation manager, will be happy to speed a gift card to your friends and loved ones at our special "subscribers-only" gift rate of $16 for a one-year subscription.


Be a YES! Intern


At a time when the word "intern" has achieved unfortunate notoriety, I want to sing the praises of interns. We think our interns are fabulous! And we're recruiting for summer and fall interns now - so if you or someone you know may be interested, give us a call or send an e-mail. Our web site gives details on our internships



Right now our interns are Johanna Zetterberg, Mark Overbay, and April Whalen, all twenty-somethings, each dedicated to creating a better world. Johanna, a graduate of Pomona College, came to us for the winter and spring terms after completing a world tour in which she and other recent graduates examined the effects of economic globalization in countries as diverse as England, the Philippines, New Zealand, Mexico, and India. She's been a terrific help to me with fundraising and organizing meetings, as well as to our editorial team with research and writing.


Mark, who just graduated from Davidson College with a double major in English and Philosophy, drove across the country to join us for the winter and spring terms. He implemented our High Impact Campaign, which delivered the last two issues of YES! into the hands of interested journalists, educators, and activist groups. Now he is applying his writing talents to the magazine. April, a graduate of the University of Oregon, joined us this spring after a stint of teaching at the Alternative Education Center in northern Minnesota. She's now helping with our marketing program and enhancing our Web site.


We have a generous donor whose contributions support one of our intern positions throughout the year. If you'd like to support an intern for a quarter or a year, just call me, send me a note, or e-mail me . Your gift will not only strengthen our ability to reach a wider audience with the best ideas for transformative change, it will also nurture some young individuals in their commitment to creating a positive future.

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