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The Page That Counts :: Spring 2008

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Italian street sign for bicyclist

Amount of its roads budget that Copenhagen devotes to services and infrastructure for cyclists: 1/3 [1]

Amount of money that a community gains for every mile biked instead of driven: 50 cents [2]

Benefit to Norwegian society for each physically inactive citizen who chooses to bike or walk to work: $4,500 - $5,900 [3]


Number of jobs created by spending $1 billion on defense: 8,555

Number of jobs created by spending $1 billion on health care: 10,779

Number of jobs created by spending $1 billion on education: 17,687

Number of jobs created by spending $1 billion on mass transit: 19,795 [4]


image of sleeping student
Percentage of American high-schoolers who report extreme daytime sleepiness: 59

Percentage of high school seniors that average at least eight hours of sleep a night: 5 [5]


map of Latin America
Percentage of people in the U.S. who said they were satisfied with the state of their nation in 2002: 41

Percentage of people in the U.S. who said they were satisfied with the state of their nation in 2007: 25

Percentage of people in Latin America who said they were satisfied with the state of their nation in 2002: 7

Percentage of people in Latin America who said they were satisfied with the state of their nation in 2007: 34 [7]


image of a blue whale

Distance from which a blue whale’s heartbeat can be detected: 2 miles

Number of pounds a blue whale calf can gain in an hour: 8 [6]


Percentage of major media stories about the 2008 presidential elections that focused on political, financial, and tactical aspects of the campaign: 63

Percentage that focused on the personal backgrounds of candidates: 17

Percentage that focused on the ideas and policy proposals of candidates: 15

Percentage that focused on records and past public performance of candidates: 1 [8]


image of carrots
Pounds of carrots an average American consumed annually in 1985, the year before the invention of the peeled “baby carrot”: 9.63

Per capita carrot consumption, in pounds, at its peak in 1998: 18.16 [9]


image of carrots
Amount by which U.S. rice production was subsidized in 2003: $1,279,000,000

Percentage below production costs at which U.S. rice was exported to Honduras in 2003: 40

Percentage by which U.S. rice prices in Central America will further drop under CAFTA quotas: 20

Percentage of Honduran rice farmers who have lost their jobs due to U.S. rice dumping: 92 [10]


More Page That Counts

YES! Magazine graphic
Fall 2007

Percentage of studies reporting favorable results for a medication if they are funded by the drug’s producers: 80 Percentage reporting favorable results if conducted with no industry support: 50

YES! Magazine graphic
Winter 2008

Percentage of Iranians who favor normal relations and trade with the United
States: 68
Percentage of Iranians who strongly support a
democratic system: 79



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    This is a 7mb pdf file and will take a while to load depending on your internet connection.

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  10. “A Raw Deal for Rice under DR-CAFTA,” Oxfam International, November 16 2004. 


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