Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

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We may live in cities both large and small, have different parents and speak a cacophony of languages, but each one of us calls the same place home: Earth. On April 22, 2009, take the time to honor our home by celebrating Earth Day.

When Earth Day began in 1970, nearly 20 million people participated. The day gained popularity, and soon April became widely recognized as “Earth Month.”

But forget about celebrating Earth Day on just one day—or even all month. This year the Earth Day Network is launching its “Greenest Generation” initiative: “History will view this period as the launch of an era devoted to a whole new way of living and doing business sustainably.”

We couldn’t agree more. In that spirit, here is a set of resources to help you make every day Earth Day.

YES! Earth Day Resources

Climate Change

Green Jobs and the Economy

Become Inspired, Take Action!

Learn More About Earth Day—Beyond YES!

Laura Kaliebe wrote this article for YES! Magazine. Laura is an online editorial intern at YES!


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