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Economics as if Life Matters

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Table of Contents
Spring 1999

The Post-Corporate World
By David C. Korten.
There’s a huge but little noted difference between capitalism and a market economy. Real markets, based on the principles of life, can bring us toward a just and sustainable society

Indigenous Voices
By Tuenjai Deetes, Oronto Douglas, Berito Kuwar U’wa.
From Thailand’s Hill Tribes, the Niger Delta, and the rainforests of Colombia – an approach to economics and life founded in ancient tradition

Tribal Forestry
By Jerry Reynolds.
Menominee forestry practices bring vitality to the forest and to tribal culture

Ownership Matters
By Ted Howard.
A bank owned by employees, a town that offers all residents super-fast Internet access – ownership options that create a sustainable foundation for the economy

Citizens' Economics
with Gar Alperovitz. The prospects for economic democracy
Appalachian Kitchens and the Economies of Place
By June Holley, Hilkka Pietilä, Michael Shuman, Gustavo Esteva, Madhu Suri Prakash, Seth Zuckerman, Carol Tashel
From Appalachia to Finland, from Mexico City to Green Bay, Wisconsin, locally controlled economies enable the expression of unique cultures

A Civic Economy
By Jonathan Rowe
When a family-owned coffee shop gives way to McDonalds, a community loses one of the foundations of civic life

Community Money
By Richard Douthwaite, et al.
While the rest of Europe is unifying its currencies, communities in Ireland and Scotland are printing their own

Who Shall Inherit the Sky?
By Peter Barnes.
The Kyoto accords present an historic choice – to claim the sky for the benefit of all the people of today and tomorrow or to pay “sky rent” forever

What You Can Do to Build a New Economy
By Alison Roberts, Sarah van Gelder.
You can start now to create a life-enhancing economy – strategies and resources to get you started

Heart & Soul

Patch Adams
By Russell Schoen.
A pre-med student considers dropping his plans to be a doctor – until he meets Patch Adams and learns of plans for the world’s first "silly hospital"


The Y2K Opportunity
By Alisa Gravitz
The Y2K computer bug could create opportunities to move society toward sustainability

Y2K Green Steps You Can do Now
By Paloma O’Riley
What you can do in your home and community to prepare for Y2K worst case scenarios and get more sustainable
Global Shift

MAI Free Zones
By Tracy Rysavy
Why a proposed trade pact earned the outrage of state and local government, religious leaders, and environmentalists, and what the MAI would mean for your community


Letter from the Editor
by Sarah Ruth van Gelder

Readers' Forum


The Page that Counts

YES! ...but How?
by Annie Berthold-Bond
& Doug Pibel

Choosing open-pollinated seeds,storing wool with nontoxic mothballs, and a recipe for homemade tile scrubbers.

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~ On Good Land
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~ Song for the Blue Ocean
~ A Walk Through Time
~ The Post-Corporate World
~ A Civil Action

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