Economics as if Life matters

Issue 9  Spring 1999
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David Korten on a post-corporate world, Peter Barnes on who will inherit the sky, and Berito Kuwar U'wa on how to build a new economy. Spring 1999.
Citizens Economics

Gar Alperovitz is an historian and political economist, president of the National Center for Economic and Security Alternatives, and a PFN board member. He is interviewed here by YES! editor Sarah van Gelder.

Who Shall Inherit the Sky?

The Kyoto accords on global warming set the stage for an historic choice. We can give away yet another global commons or claim the sky as a trust benefiting all the people of today and of the future

Community Money

While the European community is creating one big currency, communities in Ireland, Scotland, and elsewhere in Europe are turning to local currencies as a means to regain control of their economic futures.

Readers' Forum

Readers' Forum is a place for your feedback and ideas. We welcome you to use this space to share your thoughts, inspire us with your personal stories, and challenge our thinking and that of our readers.

Ownership Matters

When workers own a bank, when a town provides high-tech infrastructure, when non-profits go into business - these are enterprises that sustain communities and empower employees.

Indigenous Voices

From three continents come the same stories - western economic models are not working for indigenous peoples, many of whom have (or had) sustaining economies of their own. Sarah van Gelder asked leaders from three countries for their stories.

The Post-corporate World

Over the nearly 600 years since the onset of the Commercial Revolution, we have as a species learned a great deal about the making of money. But in our quest for money, we forgot how to live.

MAI Free Zones

We waded through the esoteric economic language and put the Multilateral Agreement on Investment in terms everyone can understand- while telling you what's at stake for your community

Y2k Green Steps

Here are some no-regrets tips and suggestions you can do now that will make your home and community more sustainable and help you prepare for a worst-case Y2K scenario. Below, we start with four basic principles to follow:

Patch Adams

What a disillusioned pre-med student learned from a wacky doctor's serious dream