Thanks To 1998 Supporters

As the end of 1998 approached, I took on the job of opening the responses to the letter we sent you at year's end offering gift subscriptions and requesting donations. It turned out to be a heartwarming experience! I found myself deeply moved by your outpouring of support.

From the names on the gift subscriptions, I saw that many of you gave YES! to relatives; some gave to your US representative; some gave to a local library. In total you gave more than 1,000 subscriptions during the year. Those gifts represent the best possible endorsement of the work we do.

And how fortunate we are that so many of you understand that our work cannot be supported from earned income alone. Our 1998 budget totalled $388,000, with half our revenues coming from subscriptions, newsstand sales, and other earned sources. Another fourth came from foundations, including a generous grant from the Ford Foundation. The final fourth came directly from you - more than 1,000 of you gave us the contributions that kept us in the black!

Your support gives us renewed energy for the year ahead - for bringing you inspiring reporting from around the world; for doubling the number of people reached by YES!; for getting YES! into the hands of activists, educators, and policy makers ready to make immediate use of the magazine.

Your donations ranged from thousands of dollars to one of just $5 that came with a note "a widow's mite." I was touched by each one and would love to thank you all by name. We could list everyone in 4-point type - but rather than having you reach for the magnifying glass, we're listing only Friends and Members of the Founders Circle. For each of our Sustainers, who gave up to $99, and those of you who gave gift subscriptions, your ideas, and your time, please know that you also are very much in our minds and hearts as we extend this resounding thank you to all.

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