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Alternative Education Resource Organization

Offers books, videos, and consulting services on alternative education, including two classic reference books by founder Jerry Mintz – Handbook of Alternative Education and Almanac of Education Choices. Their international newsletter, AERO-Gramme, provides networking news for alternative schools and homeschoolers.

contact: 417 roslyn rd., roslyn heights, ny 11577; 516/621-2195 or 800/769-4171 e-mail:


American Forum for Global Education – Sustainability Education Center
Provides educational materials and professional development programs on sustainability education. Offers three curriculum guides on ecological economics and sustainable communities, along with an accompanying CD-ROM entitled This Place Called Home. contact: 120 wall st., Suite 2600, new york, ny 10005; 212/624-1300; Fax: 212/624-1412 - E-mail:

Center for Teacher Formation
Developed by Parker Palmer and the Fetzer Institute, the Center helps schools, colleges, and communities develop and run Courage to Teach programs. This two-year program focuses on the identity and integrity of teachers and the revitalization of public education through the exploration and renewal of the “inner life” of teachers.
Contact: 321 high school rd. ne #375, bainbridge Island, Wa 98110

New Horizons for Learning
Provides resources on developing the full range of human intelligence. An in-depth Web site contains the latest on brain and intelligence research, environmental education, multi-cultural classrooms, and more.
contact: PO box 15329, Seattle, WA 98115; 206/547-7936; fax: 206/547-0328

Rethinking Schools, Limited
Offers books, study guides, and other materials on equity and social justice in education. Two of their most popular books are: Rethinking Columbus: The Next 500 Years, a compilation of essays, poems, and short stories that challenge the dominant portrayal of Columbus-as-hero; and The Real Ebonics Debate: Power, Language, and the Education of African-American Children, which delves into the social and educational implications of Ebonics – the African-American dialect also known as “Black English.” Their quarterly newspaper, Rethinking Schools: An Urban Educational Journal, is written by teachers, parents, and educational activists and advocates the reform of public schools. Issues have focused on such topics as school vouchers, Ebonics, censorship in schools, social equity, and more. A free catalog lists additional resources.
contact: 1001 e. keefe ave., milwaukee, wi 53212; 414/964-9646 or 800/669-4192 - fax: 414/964-7200

Second Nature
Offers practical assistance in developing sustainability education in colleges and universities. Offers on-site clinics for faculty and administrators for developing environmental and sustainability curricula, including training in The Natural Step. Their Web sites include teaching ideas and resources.
contact: 44 bromfield st., 5th floor, boston, ma 02108-4909; 617/292-7771

Books & Magazines

The Common Vision: Parenting and Educating for Wholeness by david marshak
peter lang publishing, 1997
new york, ny
246 pages; $30 paperback
Draws upon the common wisdom and vision of Rudolf Steiner, Indian sage Sri Aurobindo Ghose, and Sufi teacher Hazrat Inayat Khan, with regard to a child's growth and development.

Encounter: Education for Meaning and Social Justice
A quarterly journal that explores uses of the Buddhist concept of mindfulness – moment-to-moment, non-judgmental awareness – in school settings to help children develop a sense of individual meaning and social responsibility. Past contributors include: Anna F. Lemkow, Parker Palmer, and the Dalai Lama.
contact: PO Box 328, Brandon, VT 05733-0328; 800/639-4122;

Free The Children! Conflict Education For Strong & Peaceful Minds by susan gingras fitzell
New Society publishers - po box 189 - gabriola island, bc v0r 1x0 158 pages, $18.95 paperback
Handbook for parents and educators on moving beyond conflict through the development of compassion. Uses concrete examples and exercises for K-12 students and suggests methods to create healthy schools and communities.

Green Teacher: Education For Planet Earth
A quarterly magazine that provides activities, resources, and ideas for education that is responsive to environmental and global problems. Past themes include educating for action, environmental monitoring, and transforming school grounds.
Contact: PO Box 1431, Lewiston, NY 14092; or 95 Robert St., Toronto, ON M5s 2k5, canada; 416/ 960-1244
fax: 416/ 925-3474

Growing Without Schooling
Bimonthly founded by author and teacher John Holt that includes stories, news, and information about the home-schooling movement in the US and around the world. Each issue includes a directory of home-schooling families, reviews, and reader dialogues. Ceased publication in December 2001.
Contact: 2380 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02140
617/864-3100; Fax: 617/864-9235

Home Education Magazine
Founded by a homeschooling family, this bimonthly provides networking opportunities, resources, and ideas for parents who educate their children at home. Past article topics include: homeschooling fathers, volunteering, and using the Internet.
Contact: PO Box 1083, Tonasket, wa 98855-1083; 509/486-0453 or 800/236-3278 Fax: 509/486-2753

Skipping Stones: A Multicultural Children's Magazine
A multi-lingual, ecologically aware collection of writing and art from children around the world. Includes an international pen pal section, book reviews, and news for kids, plus parent/teacher resource guides.
contact: PO Box 3939, eugene, or 97403; 541/342-4956

SKOLE, The Journal of Alternative Education
A quarterly by the founders and staff of the Albany Free School that invited readers, students, and experts to write about their own experiences outside the educational mainstream. Publishes a 500-page “best of” anthology every two years. (published 1995-1998)
contact: 417 roslyn rd., roslyn heights, NY 11577; 800/769-4171

Teaching For Change is a free catalog of materials that help educators expand their curricula to include people of color, women, gays and lesbians, working class people, and issues of social and environmental justice.
contact: network of educators on the americas/teaching for change, PO box 73038, washington, dc 20056;
202/238-2379; fax:202/238-2378

Teaching Tolerance
A bi-annual magazine published by the Southern Poverty Law Center and available free to educators. Includes resources, ideas, and strategies to help teachers promote intercultural and interracial understanding in the classroom and beyond.
Contact: 400 washington Avenue, Montgomery, al 36104
Fax: 334/264-3121

The Teenage Liberation Handbook
By Grace Llewellyn
Lowry House, 1991 - (revised and expanded, 1998)
PO Box 1014 - Eugene, or 97402 - 541/686-2315; fax: 541/343-3158
448 pages; $19 paperback
The classic guide to “unschooling” and independent, lifelong learning for teenagers, from making the decision to quit school to discovering the opportunities available.

A Volcano In My Tummy: Helping Children To Handle Anger
by Elaine Whitehouse and Warwick Pudney
new society publishers - po box 189 - gabriola island, bc v0r 1x0
78 pages; $12.95 paperback
Workbook full of activities, stories, games and articles that help children ages 6 to 15 to deal constructively with anger. Activities range from role-playing games to individual art projects.

Quarterly journal that reviews resources on human rights, multi-culturalism, global development, and justice issues for educators and activists.
contact: 1515 webster st., oakland, ca 94612-3355; 510/451-1742


Rationales For Challenged Books
This CD-ROM created by the National Council of Teachers of English, provides rationales for teaching over 170 literary works that have been challenged or banned from classroom use by parent and religious groups. Includes essays on the educational value of the selected books – from Huckleberry Finn to The Color Purple – which not only give educators tools to combat censorship, but may inspire teachers to consider what they are teaching and why. Internet browser software is required for use. Mac or PC compatible.
contact: ncte customer service dept.
1111 W. kenyon road, urbana,il 61801-1096; 800/369-6283
cost: $39.95

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