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Mothers Acting Up

Mothers Acting Up is a movement to summon the gigantic political strength of mothers to ensure the health, education, and safety of every child on earth, not just a privileged few. It was begun by four moms in Boulder, Colorado who realized that we live in a world that does not prioritize or protect our children's well-being, and that this will not change until each one of us finds the courage and the strength to speak out on their behalf. Believing that many other people, especially mothers, shared theses feelings, we set out to provide the tools for busy people to move from concern to action on children's behalf.

Our website, www.mothers, provides easy action each month to address some crisis facing children toward which our actions will likely have the greatest effect. We had our first Mothers Acting Up Mother's Day Parade in May 2002 to inspire local mothers to speak out for children's well-being. Amid audacious costumes of every sort, many of us donned stilts in the parade to show mothers as large and impressive–– a force to be reckoned with!

This May, more than nine cities throughout the country, including New York City and Los Angeles, will be hosting Mothers Acting Up Mother's Day Parades.

Let us whisper this on the streets, yell it from our rooftops, declare it in our houses of government, “We will protect our children with our personal and political strength wherever they live on earth!”

Beth Osnes

Boulder, Colorado


Simple Living for Peace

I live in a horse-powered gypsy caravan, with solar panels for electicity. Most of my food is local, as I have a herd of dairy goats who supply me with milk and cheese. I do not own or drive in a car. No one in today's world can be oil-free, but I try. I wear only natural fibers.

I've lived this way since the first Gulf War, as it's all about oil prices. The best way to protest war is to stop buying oil. Keep up the good work, and walk, bike, or ride a horse for world peace.

Dancing Bear

Challis, ID


Pledge of World Citizenship

As I reflected on the current situation with Iraq, I found myself drawn to write the following Pledge of World Citizenship:

I was born with dual citizenship. I am a citizen not only of the nation state in which my birth took place, but also of our shared earth which sustains us all. As a citizen of the world, I pledge to:

• Recognize the sacredness and connectedness of all humanity that transcends political boundaries.

• Acknowledge that we all want respect and dignity, and that we all bleed the same color, regardless of religion.

• Address the growing imbalance between the haves and the have-nots, the wealthy and the starving.

• Work towards creating a world in which violence is rare, every child is given an opportunity to thrive, and governments cooperate to preserve our planet for our grandchildren's grandchildren.

To take this pledge is not to betray my nation, but to honor it by holding it accountable to the good of all.

I therefore affirm that serving my country without addressing the grave environmental and social problems that threaten all humanity is folly. And I pledge to join with other citizens of the world in making my voice heard.

Eric Sieverling

Seattle, Washington


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