Finding Courage

As reports pour in of the horror of war, a poet and activist finds a place of beauty—while being arrested. Go ahead: Let joy feed your passion and strength.

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Summer 2003

by Susan Griffin
As reports pour in of the horror of war, a poet and activist finds a place of beauty—while being arrested.

The Meaning of War
by Robert Jay Lifton
The modern world has seen horror after horror. What keeps bringing us to these terrors?

The Fires of Joy
by David Spangler
Go ahead. Let joy feed your passion and strength.

Dismantling the Fortresses of Fear
by Jeff Halper
Israel, with one of the world’s most formidable security systems, is less secure than ever. Is the U.S. treading the same path of fear?

Against the Tide
by Ronald Takaki
One of America’s darkest hours came when thousands of Japanese Americans were imprisoned as “enemy aliens” during World War II. Yet in Hawaii, where the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, Japanese Americans remained free.

Filming While Dark
by Roberto Rodriguez
People of color are frequently targets of official suspicion in airports, on roads, and in their homes. How does one live as a target?

Debating Hate
by Thomas Simon
When anti-gay activist Fred Phelps comes to town, rage and violence break out. But students in a small Colorado college discovered a better way to defuse the power of hate.

How to be Safe
A raucous blessing
A circle of trust
Complexity, trust, and terror
Eight steps to teach kids peace
My oscar backlash

The Politics of Happiness
Enrique Peñalosa as told to Susan Ives
The name Bogotá conjures images of murder, kidnapping, and drugs. But thanks to a visionary mayor, Bogotá is now safer than many American cities.

The Time for Nonviolence Has Come
by Michael Nagler
For the first time in history, the people of the entire world have joined in a call for peace.

Resources for Courage
by Rik Langendoen & Megan Tady


global shift
Is another world possible?
by Bob Burnett
This year’s World Social Forum was haunted by fear of war and empire building, but the tens of thousands gathered in Porto Alegre also felt the strength of a different vision.

Safeguarding the Vote
by Doug Pibel
Computer professionals are sounding the alarm: paperless, computer voting may result in massive error, fraud, or worse.

Detroit Renaissance
by Shawn Rhea
A grassroots movement aims high—to create a life-sustaining future in a city abandoned by industry.

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Shall we study war or peace?
by Frances F. Korten

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