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Food for Life

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Table of Contents
Summer 2000
The Brink of Opportunity
by Hal Hamilton
Industrial agriculture is a parody of the life-sustaining farming practiced over thousands of years. But there are signs of new life

Twenty Acres and a Hen
by Rachel Bagby
Rachel Bagby rediscovers her roots (in the soil) and learns about the creatures she shares it with

Living, Drinking, Breathing Soil
by J. Patrick Madden

Hog Heaven
by Brian DeVore
There is an alternative to factory farms, and it makes everybody - farmers, neighbors, consumers, and especially pigs - lots happier

New Life at the Roots
by Carol Estes
Farmers and consumers bypass industrial agriculture and work together to create a new American agriculture

What's so Beautiful about Small?
by Peter Rosset

The Stuff of Life
by Vandana Shiva
An international movement reclaims seed, land, food, and biodiversity - for all people and all species

An Industry in Trouble
by Brian Halwell

Experimenting with Life
by David Suzuki
A geneticist says biotech experiments should be done in the lab - not on people or on fragile ecosystems

Wild Rice Moon
by Winona LaDuke
The ancient, wild rice-centered culture of Minnesota's Anishinaabeg people confronts cultivated "wild" rice

Farms of the Future
by Senator Byron Dorgan
Contrary to myths about the efficiency of corporate agriculture, family farmers are the most efficient producers - and they produce much more than food

Tomato Days
by Margot Ford McMillen
Farm auctions and bankruptcies are forgotten as neighbors with tomatoes and canning jars get together in a church basement

Manifesto: The Mad Farmer Liberation Front
by Wendell Berry

Resources for Life-centered Agriculture
by Rik Langendoen & Amy Winchester


global shift
A Conscious Revolution
by Sarah Ruth van Gelder
The ripple effect of the convergence born in Seattle and continued in Washington DC - democracy may yet prevail

How to Restore the WTO's Momentum
by Bruce Silverglade

This Is What Democracy Looked Like

by Amber Gallup

A Possible Future - 2010

by Sarah van Gelder
Are we ready for success beyond our wildest dream?

heart & soul
Simplicity Double Speak
by Vicki Robin
When big media attempts to horn in on the simplicity movement, author and voluntary simplicity spokeperson Vicki Robin draws a line in the sand

Letter from the Editor

Readers' Forum

~ Climate changing
~ Social investing hits new highs
~ Massachusetts fights for right to boycott Burma
~ Community-owned sports teams
~ Starbucks bows to activists and vows to trade fair

The Page That Counts

in review
~ Living Lightly, Graceful Simplicity
~ Believing Cassandra
~ Many Mountains Moving
~ Princess Mononoke
~ Communities Directory

positive futures network news
From DC: A New Global Solidarity
by Frances F. Korten
Protestors put their bodies and hearts on the line for poor countries and international solidarity

YES! … But How?
by Annie Berthold-Bond & Doug Pibel
To water lawns or to xeriscape? That's the question. Plus green light bulbs and homemade moth balls departments

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