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Getting Free

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Moving Beyond the Consumer Culture

Table of Contents
Spring 1996

Real Wealth: Redefining Abundance in an Era of Limits
by Sarah van Gelder Switching from a greed and scarcity paradigm to one based on generosity and sufficiency

Yearning For Balance
by Harwood Group; for Merck Family Fund
A survey of what really matters to Americans.

Market Commons: Why it's so hard to shop for a better world
by Catherine Lerza
What if our markets supported a connection to place,relationships with producers, and quality

Superstores and Democracy by David Morris

Sustainable Europe
by Phillipe Spapens
What part of the Earth's resources is our fair share?

Ecological Footprints
by William Rees
A city's ecological impacts reach far beyond its borders




The Four Habits of Highly Effective Consumers
by Richard Conlin

Honey, We Shrunk the Economy
by Jonathan Rowe
What if we did consume less? Could our economy thrive if it shrank rather than grew?

Indigenous Economics
by Sherry Salway Black
Economic development based on indigenous values.

Upshifters: Pioneers of an Awakening Culture
an interview with Duane Elgin
by Sarah van Gelder
We humans have a much richer "central project" than the one being sold to us by the advertising industry.

Living Simply for the Love of it
by Mark Burch
Moving toward a simple life as an act of love.

A Theology of Less
by Tom Furtwangler
Religious leaders call for dialogue on consumerism, and our relation to the Earth and to each other.


Beta 1 Cover

A Movement Takes Off
by Vicki Robin
The voluntary simplicity movement is catching hold! Here's why.

by Serena Down

ShoreTrust: Financing Sustainability
by Bettina von Hagen and Erin Kellog

Simplicity Circles
by Cecile Andrews
Study circles help people to identify what they really value in their lives, and then to take action.

Life in a Camper
by Ed and Gay-wynn Cooper
A couple says good-bye to their business and home to follow their hearts.

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