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Each expansion of our circle of expansion teaches the larger society new values and insights, keeps our culture fresh, and deepens the meaning of our democracy.

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Fall 2003

Expanding the Circle
by Sarah Ruth van Gelder
The 2004 election could mark a turning point for the U.S. Here’s what people are doing to make it so

Young, Righteous—and Voting
by William Upski Wimsatt
Activists with League of Young Voters, Pissed Off Voters, and other groups say 2004 is the year youth will be heard

Getting Out the Vote
by Megan Tady
Mobilizing to get people registered and to the polls

Reclaim the Media
by Seeta Gangadharan
The FCC ruling enabling media mega-mergers has unleashed a new movement with some surprising alliances

Clean Elections—making a difference
by Micah Sifry
In two states, candidates for state-wide offices are free from the race for corporate dollars. Suddenly, real health care reform has become possible

Every Neighborhood Counts
by Stacy Malkan
Natalie Johnson Lee defied expert advice by campaigning in poor parts of town with a reputation for low voter turnout—and her efforts paid off

Fighting for the Soul of the Democratic Party
by John Dittmer
1964, the most violent year of the civil rights movement, was also the year African Americans from Mississippi showed up at the Democratic Convention to demand the seating of an integrated delegation

Visualize a Fair Election
by Greg Palast and Ina Howard
The techniques that brought us Florida 2000 are catching on across the U.S. Here’s how to take our elections back

tools for political change
Teach it
by Connie Kim
Build from the grassroots
by Krista Camenzind
Stand together
by Carolyn McConnell
Update voting rules
by Robert Richie

Don’t Talk Like a Twit
by Jonathan Rowe
If we’re so smart, how come we’re losing elections? Maybe it’s the “neutered language” that is part Ivy League policy salon and part sensitivity training

A Force More Powerful Than Violence
Carolyn McConnell interviews Bob Edgar
Churches helped lead opposition to war with Iraq. But the resurgence of a progressive Christian voice in the United States has just begun

The Apollo Project
by Bracken Hendricks

How to Change the World in Three Easy Clicks
by Don Hazen & Tai Moses has raised millions of dollars for campaigns, turned hundreds of thousands into internet activists, and made cyber-power a force to be reckoned with

2004 Survival Guide: How You Can Get Involved In Transforming U.S. Politics
by Rik Langendoen & Megan Tady


heart & soul
Time to Be, Time to Love
by Rabbi Arthur WaskowA time-out from the hectic pace of life not only refreshes the soul, it helps heal the Earth and foster justice

Take Back Your Time Day
by John de Graaf

Wild, Abundant America
by Subhankar Banerjee
An India-born engineer’s dream to photograph the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge lands him in political hot water

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readers’ forum

Vieques bombing ends
Holding firm against right-wing judicial nominations
Canada measures well-being
EU to ban dangerous chemicals
Reducing antibiotics in meat
The Battle in Seattle Moves South
First Global Health Treaty Signed
Immigrants Tell of Rights Violations
Navy Testing Suspected in Porpoise Deaths
Rocket Fuel Found in Lettuce

The Page that Counts

positive futures network news
Act Globally, Locally—and Statewide
by Frances F. Korten

in review
Power, nonviolence, and the will of the people
The women of Afghanistan
Couldn’t keep it to myself

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