Healing & Resistance

People know in their bones that we can't continue as we are, but our political divide is rooted in vastly different stories about what is happening, why, and what we should do about it. We can build on that energy to form a political force more vibrant, more diverse, and more powerful than any we might have imagined, and doing so will change our world.

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A Phoenix from the Ashes
by Van Jones
The hopes of millions were dashed on November 2, 2004. Yet the campaign that ended in so much defeat also birthed a resistance movement that can take America forward

Love and Resistance in Wartime
an interview with Chris Hedges
A veteran war correspondent draws on his years in chaotic war zones to reflect on what the young men and women fighting in Iraq face as they return home, and what war trauma means for all of us.

Finding a Way Home
by Carolyn McConnell
Veterans of the Iraq War and earlier wars prepare to support returning U.S. soldiers and Marines.

The Warriors Who Turned to Peace
by John Mohawk
Recognizing that the potential for war and violence is always, at best, just below the surface, one ancient culture developed a sophisticated science of peacemaking.

If You Are Lucky ...
by Cameron Penny
A youngster’s poem of hope.

Spare the Rod
by Riane Eisler
Religious leaders, who have taken courageous stands against war and poverty, are now speaking out for an end to intimate violence.

A Life Lived Whole
by Parker Palmer
What happens when people refuse to live a lie?

Pranksters Sink the WTO
by Andy Bichlbaum, Mike Bonanno & Bob Spunkmeyer
Pranksters impersonate WTO spokesmen and declare the demise of the World Trade Organization—to the delight
of their audience of corporate accountants.

Going Home
by Sarah Ruth van Gelder
Can the wrongs done to Native Americans ever be made right? One tribe took a chance on inviting a coalition of native and non-native people to help them win back their ancient village site and the home of Chief Seattle.

Resources for Righting Wrongs
by Darrin Burgess


arts & media
Rehearsing with Gods
by Ronald T. Simon & Marc Estrin
The giant puppets of the Bread and Puppets Theater bring archetypes and embodied emotion to life, awakening a sense of wonder, sorrow, solidarity, and compassion.

global shift
Insisting on Peace
by Bill Weinberg
The indigenous peoples, peasants, and urban youth of Colombia are declaring themselves off limits to the region’s longest-running war.

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The Fragrance of Faith
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A Media Movement Is Catching On
by Frances Korten
Would the U.S. have gone to war if our media had been independent and decentralized?

YES! but How?
Are cosmetics safe? What can I do with those pesky AOL CDs?

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A Bun Dance, Not Scare City
Swami Beyondananda has a plan ...

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