Health Care For All

Issue 39  Fall 2006
Issue cover
The United States stands alone, the only industrialized nation without universal health care. Americans know it's time to do more than patch up a flawed and over-priced system. Can we afford to cover everyone? Can we afford not to? Fall 2006.
Has Canada Got the Cure?

Publicly funded health care has its problems, as any Canadian or Briton knows. But like democracy, it’s the best answer we’ve come up with so far.

If You Ask Maine

State officials in Maine wanted the people's opinion. They got answers they didn't expect.

A Growing Movement

Below the radar, a movement for universal health care is sweeping the nation, and the wins are beginning to roll in.

Recipe for a Cooked Election

A nasty little secret of American democracy is that, in every national election, ballots cast are simply thrown in the garbage

Where FEMA feared to Tread

Post-Katrina volunteer medics on bicycles created a new model of community health care.