Is It Time to Close the Prisons?

Issue 15  Fall 2000
Issue cover
A look into the prison-industrial complex: Why does the "home of the free" lock up 2 million men, women, boys, and girls—most of them poor people of color? Fall 2000.
Youth Court: Jury of Their Peers

Young offenders quickly get the message: You get three freebies before anyone takes you seriously. But all that changes at youth court

War Games

The war on drugs has turned the United States into the world's top jailer, a police state with a higher percentage of its population in jail than any other country.

White on Black, Black on White

In May, the Positive Futures Network hosted the second in a series of gatherings called the State of the Possible. These pieces were written by two participants who both drew inspiration from the gathering.

Genesee Peacemakers

Are all crime victims after revenge? Genesee County criminal justice officials are finding that victims are after something else-something that our criminal justice system rarely offers.

American Gulag

Why does the "home of the free" lock up 2 million men, women, boys, and girls-most of them people of color?

The Prison Industry Goes Global

Corporations are rushing to get in on the exploding growth of the prison-industrial complex. Will the WTO require nations to accept corporate prisons?