Theme Guide :: Human Rights

Creating the Country We Thought We Were

The United States has lots of human rights, and the rest of the world needs more. A comfortable story that was once largely true. Now the country's headed in the wrong direction. Together we can turn it around.

Statue of Liberty
Rights for All
The U.S. led the world on human rights. As the country loses its way, we the people are the ones to bring it back.
Universal Declaration
In 1948, the World agreed on this Magna Carta for all people. Read yourself your rights.
Immigrants arriving in the U.S.
Mixed Messages
From its founding to the present, the U.S. has proclaimed the value of human rights. Sometimes, it's protected them.
Fauziya Kassindja. Photo by Eddie Adams
Today's Defenders
A Kennedy Center project celebrates these courageous human rights advocates with portraits by Eddie Adams.
U.S. border wall at Nogales, Sonora. Photo by Steev Hise, www.detritus. net/steev
Humanity at the Border Economic globalization is driving workers north. Increasingly they leave their rights at the border.
East Village, New York City, September 2006. Photo by P. Villerius
Who's Afraid of Economic Rights
Is an adequate living a human right? It is, and many in the U.S. are stepping up to claim it.
Photo by Kathleen McCullough
Teach the Children
Parents and educators propose an innovative approach to fixing NY's public schools: rebuild the system using human rights.
Photo by Susan Fried
Rights in Lockup
The drive to punishment is making us forget that prisoners have a right to be heard.
YES! Magazine graphic
Activists as Patriots Human rights are a powerful tool to break barriers, unite people, and show us the way to justice.
Graphic with Einstein at chalkboard
Just the Facts
Who says making things more fair is too expensive? It's just a matter of higher math.
Resource Guide logo collage
Take a Stand
Resources for learning about rights, finding organizations, and getting involved.
Discussion Guide cover
Discussion Guide Discussions can be a powerful avenue for social change. Get talking about Human Rights!
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