Latin America Rising

Issue 42  Summer 2007
Issue cover
Change is the rule in today's Latin America. The people demanded a new direction, and dictatorships have given way to democracies. After 20 years of stagnation, economies are taking off, and people are rising out of poverty. Here are stories of change from the bottom up—Latin America shows us the way. Summer 2007.
Declaration of La Paz

Indigenous nations of "Abya Yala" (the Americas) call for a Culture of Life.

Who Drowned the Big Easy? What You Haven't Been Told

Don’t blame the Lady. Katrina killed no one in New Orleans. In fact, Katrina missed the city completely, going wide to the east. It wasn’t the hurricane that drowned, suffocated, de-hydrated and starved 1,500 people to death in August 2005. The killing was done by a deadly duo: a failed emergency evacuation plan combined with busted levees. Here’s the story you haven’t been told.

Democracy Rising

Grassroots movements change the face of power.

Cuba's Cure

Why is Cuba exporting its health care miracle to the world's poor?

Sex and Power in Chile

The rise of a woman president is taking the lid off the private lives of Chileans.

Venezuela's Co-op Boom

To end poverty, put poor people in charge of their livelihood. A co-op boom turns the jobless into worker/owners.