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FREE Bulk copies of our special Latin America issue are available upon request.

YES! has an overstock of the Summer 2007 issue, Latin America Rising, focusing on many of the inspiring and discussion-provoking social movements in Latin America over the past decade.

Through a donor-supported program, we are able to send 50-200 FREE copies of the special Latin America Rising issue of YES! for you to distribute at events, to your membership, in mailings, or in other ways you find appropriate. The magazines are being offered free of charge (minimal shipping charges to be covered by recipients)—but on a time-limited basis.

If you are interested please send us the following information:

  • Shipping contact—your name, phone, email and street address
  • Quantity to ship—the issues are packaged 50 to a box. please specify if you need 50, 100, 150 or 200 copies
  • A quick description of how you will use the magazines —or to whom they're being distributed
  • Minimal shipping charges are the only costs involved with this offer—$10 per box of 50, unless expedited or international shipping is required. Send payment to YES! Magazine, 284 Madrona Way NE #116, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
  • Call or email with your orders by Thursday 4/30

If you would like to take us up on this offer, please send the above information to Susan Gleason, our Media & Outreach Manager, and we'll ship the magazines out right away (while supplies last): [email protected] or call Susan at 206-842-5009 x217.


You'll find the table of contents of our Latin America issue here, and below are a few summaries to give you a quick idea:

* Co-Director of the Institute for Policy Studies' Sustainable Energy & Economy Network, Nadia Martinez, on citizens in Latin America reclaiming democracy through grassroots movements.

* "8 Hotspots of Progress" maps the social movements, new leaders, and cross-border alliances that are transforming South America.

* YES! Executive Editor Sarah van Gelder examines the Cuban health care system and how it is being hailed as a model for health care worldwide.

* Michael Fox looks at how the poor in Venezuela are creating cooperatives that promise long-term living wage jobs and power in their workplaces.

* Marina Sitrin, author of Horizontalism, tells of the dynamic workers' rights and economic solidarity movements of Argentina.

* Marcelo Mendoza, examines the impact of Michelle Bachelet, the first woman ever elected president of a South American country, on gender, power, and politics in Chile.

* "U.S. Role Turned Upside Down" looks at five ways that U.S. economic, military, and covert influence is waning in Latin America.

* Jubenal Quispe, delves into Evo Morales' leadership in Bolivia—his rise from poor and rural roots, and what his presidency means for increased indigenous power and cultural pride in Bolivia.

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