Things I Want to Learn ...

We asked our contributing editors and board: "What three things do you want to make sure you learn before you die?"

From contributing editor Frances Moore Lappé:

  1. To conceive and  share an “ecology of democracy”—integrating our knowledge of ecology and human nature to ignite more effective hope-in-action.
  2. To tap dance better.
  3. To be in such a place of perpetual gratitude that I can embrace death when it comes.

From board member Puanani Burgess:

  1. How and why shoyu was invented. The history of food invention and human curiosity.
  2. How the words that I type on this computer get to you. 
  3. Is God necessary?

From contributing editor Carol Estes:

  1. To dance the Lindy Hop.
  2. To find my way through the wilderness with map and compass.
  3. A system for managing multiple projects at the same time.
  4. What it’s like to be incredibly fit.


From contributing editor Jen Angel:
  1. How to be more effective in the movement for social justice.
  2. How to follow my passions and still thrive in a capitalist society.
  3. How to make a killer chocolate souffle.

From contributing editor Lisa Gale Garrigues:

  1. Integration: How to hold and view polarities in myself and the world with grace and balance.
  2. Love:  How to act from love instead of fear. (I mean love in its most ordinary and mundane sense, ie with relationships, co-workers, and friends, as well as self-love.)
  3. Inner Peace. (By achieving inner peace, I will no longer need to project my conflicts onto the world, and I will be able to stand in my own center when faced with conflict.)

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