Slamming Shut the War Chest

It's Clear We Want the Troops Home

70 percent of Americans are done with spending money in Iraq—almost half want money spent only to get troops out; an additional quarter oppose any more funding at all.


Should Congress approve a $200 billion request to continue funding the Iraq War and keep the troops in Iraq?


1,000 American adults polled Sept. 20-23, 2007. Poll commissioned by



What Will It Take in Congress?

Writer David Sirota calls it “The Myth of the Innocent Bystander.” Democrats in both houses of Congress protest that they're helpless to stop the war without 60 Senate votes to break a filibuster and 67 to override a veto.

But there are problems with that story. It takes just 40 senators to stop a bill; it takes a simple majority in the House. Were legislators who oppose the war to vote as a bloc, they could stop any further funding. No supermajority is required to follow the will of the people. There's plenty of money in the pipeline to get the troops home. Concern about political fallout seems misplaced in light of the fact that a majority of Americans favor ending the occupation.

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