Notable Articles From the Archives On Economic Alternatives

Notable articles from the archives on economic alternatives


Living Economies, Fall 2002 #23. Articles by David Korten, Edgar Cahn, Anna Lappe, and Richard Douthwaite

Art and Community, summer 2002 #22
Another World Is Possible The gathering of tens of thousands of people in Porto Alegre, Brazil, marks a turning point for the movement against corporate globalization. by Walden Bello

What does it Mean to be an American, Now? spring 2002, #21
What Is Real Security? If our addiction to oil makes us vulnerable, can decentralized, renewable resources supply more security than big military spending? by Amory B. and L. Hunter Lovins

Technology: Who Chooses?fall 2001, #19
a sustainable energy plan In contrast to the Bush/Cheney business-as-usual energy policy, here's a doable, climate-friendly energy plan that creates jobs and sustains life. by Guy Dauncey

Reclaiming the Commons, summer 2001, #18
Articles by David Bollier, Kari McGinnis, Jonathan Rowe, Maude Barlow, Peter Barnes, Corinne Asturias, Mike Moore

Working for Life, spring 2001, #17
Matthew Fox, Parker Palmer, Juliet Schor, Danny Glover

A New Culture Emerges, winter 2001, #16
india's silent but singing revolution by Pramila Jayapal
Fifty years ago, Gandhi gave the world a vision of nonviolent revolution. Today, another Indian man has set in motion a social revolution linking the poorest of the poor with India's more fortunate

Food for Life, summer 2000, #14
The Brink of Opportunity Hal Hamilton on signs of life for sustainable agriculture
Farms of the Future by Sen. Byron Dorgan. Why we shouldn't give up on family farmers.

Changing the Climate, winter 2000, #12
Whose Rules? David Morris on enhancing local economies

The Power of One, fall 1999, #11
a founder of the next economy Steve Lerner on timber-dependent regions getting sustainable

Cities of Exuberance, summer 1999, #10
Stopping the big boxes Doug Pibel on how and why to stop Wal-Mart
Corporate Futures Paul Hawken, author and founder of The Natural Step US, and David Korten, author of The Post-Corporate World,discuss corporations, Monsanto, sustainability, and hope

Economics as if Life matters, spring 1999, #9
Articles by David Korten, Tuenjai Deetes, Oronto Douglas, Berito Kuwar U'wa, Ted Howard, Gar Alperovitz, Jonathan Rowe, Richard Douthwaite, Peter Barnes

Peace Makers, fall 1998, #7
Natural Step: An interview with Dr. Karl-Henrik Robert by Sarah van Gelder. The Natural Step is helping to green cities, businesses, and house-holds in Sweden, and now in the United States

Millennium Survival Guide, spring 1998, #5
Compassion and Business Anita Roddick tells of her experience as head of the Body Shop and her efforts to make it green and progressive

Sustainable Sex, winter 1998, #4
A Village Revolution Sharif Abdullah writes from Sri Lanka about village-level economics based on Gandhian principles

Money, Print Your Own, spring 1997, #2
Money Versus Wealth David Korten distinguishes between money and realwealth of people, nature, and community

Future Watch: Signs of an Emerging Culture, winter 1997, #1
The End of Poverty Mohammad Yunus on micro-credit and ending poverty

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