Living Economies

Do we want a living, diverse, democratically accountable market economy, founded in communities and cities throughout the world?

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Issue 23

Fall 2002

Economies for Life

economías para la vida (en español)

We now have a suicide economy that is destroying the foundations of its own existence. What we must create is a living economy
by David Korten

Trying to do Right

In a world dominated by corporate behemoths, a businessman tries to do the right thing
by Victor Bremson

Let the Sun Shine In
Corporate reformers are calling for better information for investors. But serious reform means providing information to all stakeholders
by Ralph Estes

Starting Over
IMF policies left Argentina in ruins. Now its people are taking back their future
by Lisa Garrigues

The Creative Commons
Copyright law protects ownership of music, art, writing. But what if you want to share?
by Molly Van Houweling

From the Earth, up
Appalachia has been mined, logged, dammed, and impoverished for centuries. Now a new economy is emerging to sustain generations to come
by Anthony Flaccavento

pieces of the Puzzle
A Vermont town turns a landfill into farms and jobs, and a parking lot into a thriving food co-op
by Jill Bamburg

Breaking Down Buildings, Building up a Neighborhood
Most businesses cast off used materials, poor people, and troubled neighborhoods; these entrepreneurs are turning cast-offs into gold
by Holly Dressel

Unleashing Our Hidden Wealth
A local currency and a tutoring program set free a community’s abundance of giving, teaching, and nurturing
by Edgar Cahn

Money’s Conversations
MadHOURS get a community talking about scarcity, trust, and change
by Camy Matthay

Saving Together

Member-owners of a Swedish bank start businesses, buy homes, and build assets—without paying interest
by Richard Douthwaite

It Shall be a Jubilee Unto You
All societies face a central dilemma—inequality tends to widen. A 4,000-year-old tradition offers a solution of renewal and liberation
by Michael Hudson

Of Land and Hope
In Brazil, thousands of peasants are reclaiming unused land and reclaiming their rights as citizens
by Frances Moore Lappé & Anna Lappé

Twelve Things to do Now About Corporations
How to get real about corporate accountability
by Sarah Ruth van Gelder

resources for living economies
by Victor Bremson & Erin Cusick


The Boy Who Kissed the Soldier
Amid the dehumanizing devastation of the West Bank, a visitor is haunted by the people who endure
by Starhawk

global shift

Building a New Force
When dictators terrorize and zealots massacre, what response can go beyond inaction or bombing? What would Gandhi have done?
by Michael N. Nagler

Fairness in a Fragile World
Heading to the second Earth Summit, a call for poverty alleviation—and wealth alleviation
by Wolfgang Sachs


in review
- Salons:The joy of conversation; Turning to One another
- Is There No Other Way? The Search for a Nonviolent Future
- Taking It Personally, The Global Activist's Manual
- The Power of Partnership by Riane Eisler

positive futures network news

Journey to a New America
Exploring an America of, by, and for all the people
by Grace Lee Boggs

We’re All Hyphenated Americans
A small change in language; a big shift in awareness
by Frances F. Korten

Letters in Response to Hyphenated Americans


Letter from the Editor

Readers’ Forum /Readers Take Action

Indicators:Iraq war questioned; patriots stand down the Patriot Act; American unilateralism; Massachusetts fights over campaign finance; students reject war

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