Making It Home

Issue 62  Summer 2012
Issue cover
The mess left by the real estate crash isn’t cleaned up yet; many are still losing their homes. But here and there people are rewriting the rules of ownership, changing their expectations about what “home” means, and creating houses that are affordable and sustainable.
How I Learned to Love My Hometown

A sense of history and community tugged at the heart of Mindy Fullilove and pulled her back to the Jersey home she’d forsaken.

Quote: Maya Angelou

A quote from Maya Angelou, from Making It Home, the Summer 2012 issue of YES! Magazine. Download it here.

Joseph Williams: Hunger Strike Games

This college football player insisted the University of Virginia invest in living wages for its employees, not new sports enhancements.

Creating Change is the People’s Job

We—not just the president—have to be the agents of change in our society. How do we extend our electoral organizing beyond the elections?

A Last (Chemical) Gasp for Bees?

Colony collapse disorder threatens food crops valued at $15 billion a year. New research says farm chemicals put our food system at risk.