Media That Set Us Free

Issue 33  Spring 2005
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If we are to have the public conversations essential to taking on serious dilemmas from climate change to criminal justice reform, we need forums for those conversations. Media can facilitate the conversations or shut them down, open up or constrain our beliefs about what is possible and desirable. Spring 2005.
Media Uprising

When the Federal Communications Commission laid out plans to allow yet more corporate consolidation of the media, a grassroots movement emerged that crossed partisan lines, colors, and classes—Americans stood up together to say no

10 Steps to More Democratic Media

Whether you care about the state of journalism, access to information, diversity of media ownership, privacy, innovation, or the health of noncommercial media

Bill Moyers

There’s a reason journalism is the only occupation protected by the U.S. Constitution. To govern ourselves, we the people need the truth, not what is politically expedient.

presente! a radio station barn raising

A low-power radio station becomes a high-powered tool for farmworkers struggling in America’s tomato fields for dignity and against poverty and modern-day slavery