Don't Get Even - Get Odd!

It was Albert Einstein who said that a problem cannot be solved at the level at which it was created. So maybe serious problems have humorous solutions. Levity can help us rise to the occasion. Gravity only brings us down.

A look at history reveals a chain, chain, chain of foolishness dating back to the first dysfunction at the junction. Cain slew Abel. Over what? A guy preaches love thy neighbor, so they hang him on a cross.

And those of you who think that sage burning is a Native American practice should have been around during the dark ages, when they burned sages to keep everyone else in line.

And it persists today. We still have the ire in Ireland, the hurts in Herzegovina, the mess in Mesopotamia and a Holy War over possession of the Holy Land.

So how do we break this chain of foolishness? Laugh heartily at the foolish habit we have of getting even—and start getting odd.

Every positive change or great innovation has come from some odd individual with a laughable idea. Humans flying like birds . . . HA! An end to slavery . . . HA! Women voting . . . HA! An upstart start-up nation insisting on inalienable rights . . . HA!

When humorologists go back in history to find the first laugh, they'll find it was an oddball nutcase who invented the wheel.

Meanwhile, we accept insanity as sane and normal. Like war. Think of how many years the U.S. stayed in Vietnam to “save face.” I guess it takes an oddball to point out that war isn't face-saving, it's ass-losing. Take a look at the faces of those in charge. Would you lose your ass to save their face? Every war is justified as just—and that's what we've been left with: Just war.

In the wake of the 9/11 attacks, Americans have been terrorized by the war on terrorism. Our Department of Homeland Insecurity has even color-coded danger, to make sure we “see red.” Time to take “emerge ‘n see” measures instead. Emerge from the habit of getting even and see the odd solution that is just ridiculous enough to work.

Here's the good news: Oddly enough, each of us is one-of-a-kind, totally unique just like everyone else. So let us use our unique oddness to do what has not yet been done . . . to weave a web of mass construction and reap a world-win.

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