Millennium Survival Guide

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Spring 1998

The Millennial Moment
by David Korten
A possible story of a just, sustainable, and compassionate millennium

Millennium Generation
Young activists organize millennial events for a sustainable future. HEIDI and MOLLY SOULE on "Rethinking the Millennium"

A Time of Shouting!
The coming Jubilee year is the right time to forgive Third World debt, say an activist group of Christians -- ALICE SPEERS and MARIE DENNIS among them

Millennium Scenarios
HARDIN TIBBS describes two main scenarios for the coming years: catastrophe or transformation

A Global Gathering
by Mark Dubois
Global, decentralized, interconnected events could make the millennium a transformative time.

Start with a Gift
DOUG PIBEL on millennium gifts.
VICKI ROBIN provides a proclaimation template -- also called a mad lib

Millennium Tool Kit
Ideas, connections, and resources for making millennial events happen

At Century's End
How might you write the story of your life at the turn of the millennium? HILLEL SCHWARTZ has some suggestions

Heart & Soul

Mindful Parenting
JOHN and MYLA KABAT-ZINN talk to Sarah van Gelder about the spiritual art of parenting
Sense of Place

Paving Paradise
"At-risk" youth find healing in restoring an ecosystem, despite mixed responses from adults, writes HEIDI WERBER

Business & Livelihood

Compassion & Business
ANITA RODDICK tells of her experience as head of the Body Shop and her efforts to make it green and progressive


Responsible Wealth
DONELLA MEADOWS finds a group of wealthy people organizing for greater fairness -- for everyone
Global Shift

Fast Track -- Dead End
A coalition of greens, farmers, small business, labor, and civil rights groups put a halt to Fast Track legislation; FRANCES KORTEN tells how they did it


Readers' Forum

35 Hour Workweek
Responsible Investing
Toxic Fertilizer
Vitamins: Food or Drug?
Green Taxes
Kyoto Treaty
Burma Laws

The Page that Counts

News from PF Network

Book Reviews:

On the Causes of War, Michael Andregg
Losing Your Job, Reclaiming Your Soul, Mary Lynn Pulley
The Cobbers' Companion, Michael Smith
Carrying Water as a Way of Life, Mary Tatelbaum
Pythagoras' Trousers, Margaret Werthheim