New Livelihoods

Issue 59  Fall 2011
Issue cover
The jobs crisis has slipped off the political radar, but to ordinary Americans, jobs and the economy are top issues. How can we build strong local economies that sustain us in an era of ecological limits? What can we do to support each other in challenging times, and how can we rebuild the American Dream?
Film Review: To Be Heard

Three Bronx teenagers take on poverty, crime, and family stress with the help of good teachers.

The Page That Counts: Fall 2011

Percentage of McDonald’s job applicants hired as a result of the company’s National Hiring Day in April 2011: 6.2; Percentage of applicants accepted to Harvard for the class of 2015: 6.2 ...

Quote: Deepak Bhargava

A quote from Deepak Bhargava, from the New Livelihoods issue of YES! Magazine. Download it here.

Film Review: Carbon Nation

Take a trip across the United States to find out who is developing low-carbon solutions.

Want Jobs? Rebuild the Dream

Van Jones is leading a national mobilization to rebuild the middle class—through decent work, fair taxes, and opportunities for all.

Prevent a Tar Sands Disaster

Why developing the tarsands has been called "world's most destructive project."

From Farm to Corner Store

Getting healthy food on the shelves of convenience stores could be the first step toward replenishing food deserts.

Paid Sick Leave for All

Nearly 40 percent of all U.S. private sector workers get no paid sick days—but Connecticut is leading the way to change that.