New Stories

Issue 13  Spring 2000
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Thomas Berry called for a story to replace the one that motivates the destruction of Earth's ecosystems and communities. These new stories penetrate what it means to be human, our ways of welcoming new life, and our beliefs about what we will leave behind. Spring 2000.
Bringing It Home

How are people living the new stories? We asked a few friends to share their sources of inspiration, worry, and fun

Moments of Grace

New Stories. The stories we tell ourselves are at the core of everything else we believe and do. Do we think we belong in the place and community where we live? Or do we feel embattled, trying to make it into a hostile climate?

Whose Story, What Future

What you think about the future changes everything. Think you'll have a good place to sleep tonight? Think your children will have lives like yours? Or do you think we may be in for ecological instability or breakdowns in society?

Into Our Hands

New stories are often rooted in old stories that were swept aside by more powerful cultures. Now, some indigenous groups are reclaiming their stories and traditions, integrating modern science on their own terms

Readers' Forum

Readers' Forum is a place for your feedback and ideas. We welcome you to use this space to share your thoughts, inspire us with your personal stories, and challenge our thinking and that of our readers.

Making Peace In Macedonia

Stories of war and violence are told and retold; but here, the Search for Common Ground tells a very different story.

November 30 WTO Showdown

There were students, labor union members, greens, farmers, religious leaders, and human rights activists. The most dramatic confrontations took place on November 30 (N30), when thousands of protesters blocked WTO delegates from reaching the meeting.

The Entangled Universe

Einstein's work began a revolution that eventually dethroned the reigning model of physics. Could quantum theory have a similar effect on our understanding of life itself?

Cyber Consciousness

Yes, the internet is booming. But is that good news or bad news? Many of us fear that life online will reduce us to virtual human beings—isolated, dehumanized adjuncts to machines—or that e-commerce will inspire yet another wave of consumerism. Others, like philosopher and cultural historian Jean Houston, see the internet as a place where a new species intelligence is being born.

Designing For Life

What can we learn from coral reefs, marshes, and forests? Could we find answers in their elegance and complexity? John Todd designs systems that do mundane things - like purify water - using natural systems as his guide.