The Page That Counts :: Spring 2000

Percentage of girls in Fiji (where robust curves are typically admired)

who reported vomiting to control weight in 1995: 3%

Percentage of Fijian girls who reported vomiting to control weight in 1998: 15%

Year American TV shows, including serial drama Melrose Place, were introduced in Fiji: 1995 1

Number of the world's bird species that face extinction in the next century

because of environmental damage: 1 in 8 2

Amount New York City public schools spend per student on drug abuse programs: $30

Amount NYC public schools spend per student on library books and librarians combined: $15

Number of books per student in the library of PS 108 in Queens: 2

Number of books per student that experts cited by The New York Post say

school libraries should have: at least 10  3

Percentage of the world's insecticides used to grow cotton: 25%

Amount of chemicals it takes to make one cotton t-shirt: 1/4 pound 4

Grams of anthrax that a leading US expert on biological warfare smuggled through airport,

State Department, Pentagon, and CIA security: 7 5

Number of books banned from Texas schools in 1997–98: 55

Percent of books on the Modern Library's list of the 100 greatest books in English

that have been targets of censors: 50% 6

Average lifespan of a pair of toe shoes belonging to a company dancer

with the Pacific Northwest Ballet Theater: one performance  7

Cost of an annual subscription to the AstroEcon website, which uses astrology

as the basis for dispensing financial advice: $420

Date on which AstroEcon astrologer and appliance repairman Robert Hitt

says the stock market will reach an all-time low: May 5, 2000 8

Gallons of fuel, oil, and other materials US Navy ships spilled while patrolling the seas

between 1990 and 1997: 181,453

Amount in state fines the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk would have generated if Navy ships were not exempt from the US Oil Pollution Act: $90,000 9

Age at which humans start losing neurons in the hippocampus, the part of the brain that converts

short-term ideas to long-term memories: 30

Fraction of neurons in the hippocampus that have been lost when a human reaches her 70s: one-third 10


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