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Our Planet, Our Selves

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Table of Contents
Spring 2003

surviving the great dying
As an era of extinctions unfolds, the dawning understanding of its links to our own health could energize a movement to save us all
by Michael Lerner

from silent spring to scientific revolution
Scientists are coming to some surprising conclusions about the complex effects of chemicals on life
by John Peterson Myers

kids and chemicals
In one village, kids grew up normally, but nearby, children had trouble catching a ball, drawing a picture, remembering a color. What made the difference?
by Elizabeth Guillette

the whispering is over
Once it couldn’t be spoken of in public. Then breast cancer patients demanded research and treatment. As the epidemic continues, there’s a new demand for change, with far-reaching implications
by Nancy Evans

the war against ourselves
A career army officer went to the Gulf to bring US soldiers safely through nuclear, chemical, and biological warfare. What he experienced convinced him that war is obsolete
an interview with Major Doug Rokke

when nuclear plants close ...
Are US nuclear plants increasing child mortality?
by Carolyn McConnell

eco-clean homes
What if house cleaning weren’t a thankless, low-paid, toxic job? Two businesses run by immigrant women are proving that it doesn’t have to be
by Pam Chang

high-tech goes green
The high-tech industry is far dirtier than most people think. European lawmakers think that can change
by Ted Smith & Chad Raphael

seeds of justice, seeds of hope
“The Seed Lady of Watts” is getting fresh food into an area better known for its toxics and poverty
by Anna Marie Carter

Principles of Environmental Justice

when youth lead
Teens in a conservative agricultural town discover dangers that others had tried to ignore
by Elise Miller & Jon Sharpe

restoring nature, restoring yourself
A dying man thought he’d spend his last days cleaning a small creek behind his house. Did he save the creek? Or was it the creek that saved him? by Francesca Lyman

mushroom power
How fungi can cleanse water and toxic spills
by Paul Stamets

keeping the balance
An indigenous people at the tip of South America reclaims health, culture, and the vitality of the land
by Lisa Garrigues

resources for your health and the planet’s
by Rik Langendoen & Darcy O’Brien

a poem by James Bertolino

global shift

This is what justice looks like
Until minutes before the deadline, no one knew if a proposed world criminal court could win needed support. It won by a landslide, and its creation opens new possibilities for the rule of law to replace the rule of fear and violence
by Carol Estes

heart & soul

Urban peacemaker
Nane Alejandrez felt he could help young people get beyond violence, addiction, and hopelessness—but first he had to face his own demons
Sarah Ruth van Gelder interviews Daniel “Nane” Alejandrez


Health, hunger, and hunting
A vegetarian confronts the contradictions of growing blueberries in deer country
by Jim Minick

in review

How to globalize democracy Fatal Harvest The Man We Called Juan Carlos • Taxes and aristocracy

positive futures network news

YES! Now printed tree-free
by Frances F. Korten


Letter from the Editor
readers’ forum
Crackdown on immigrants • Canada restricts pesticides • The peace movement spreads • US citizens pitch in for global population fund • Arctic town pioneers tidal energy • New alternatives to Bush economic plan
the page that counts
YES! but how?
back issues & more

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