Peace Makers

Issue 7  Fall 1998
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Making peace in Ireland, South Africa, Israel, and Iraq, making peace with former spouses, restorative justice, and the Natural Step Nuclear insecurity. Fall 1998.
Parenting Partnerships

Instead of bitter battles over custody of children and division of property some divorcing couples are finding ways to open up their definition of family.

Healing Into Action

Building bridges of understanding between members of a diverse multicultural society takes more than good intentions. Here are a few places to start...

Politics And Re-enchantment

Religious differences are driving many of the world’s most intractable conflicts, but spirituality could play a radically different role in the future, say the authors – an advisor to the European Commission and a former US diplomat

Readers' Forum

Readers' Forum is a place for your feedback and ideas. We welcome you to use this space to share your thoughts, inspire us with your personal stories, and challenge our thinking and that of our readers.

Peace Innovations

Opening up the hidden history of a southern city... a toy gun trade-in... scenarios that helped South Africans choose a preferred future... a campus race dialogue - just a few ways people are making peace.

Compassion the Radicalism of This Age

The new sciences support insights of the ancient mystics-that we are fundamentally interconnected, that the diversity of cultures provides "unlimited richness," and that each of us contain the seeds of the whole world order.

Natural Step: the Science of Sustainability

Dr. Karl-Henrik Robert had an epiphany about the conditions required to sustain life - this epiphany catalyzed a consensus among Sweden's top sceintists about the scientific foundations for sustainablity

Compassionate Listening

Citizen diplomats in Israel use active listening to help build the foundation for Jewish/Palestinian reconciliation.

South Africa: a Beacon of Hope

The South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission has its critics, but as Archbishop Desmond Tutu explains, it has also been a powerful force for healing in post-apartheid South Africa

Making Peace Between Religions

An end to violence conducted in the name of religion. It's a radical idea that just might work. Religious leaders from 50 countries are joining in an effort to find out.

Gaviotas! Oasis of the Imagination :: Part 2

There was one thing the inventors and visionaries of Gaviotas hadn't expected when they began planting trees in the barren soils of Columbia's plain—they hadn't expected to see the rainforest come back…