Peace Makers

Is there an art and science of peace as powerful as the art and science of war?

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Peace Makers
Fall 1998

Compassion: The Radicalism of this Age
By Michael Nagler
The connection between compassion, quarks, biodiversity, and nonviolence

Compassionate Listening
By Kari Thorene
US peace activist discover the power of listening and dialogue

Aussie Apology
By John Bond
Australians unleash a national movement to apologize to the Aboriginal people

Irish Healing?
By Sandy Watson.
A tragic bombing is a wake up call to a village in Northern Ireland

The Politics of Re-enchantment
By Harlan Cleveland and Marc Luyckx.
Can a transmodern mindset open the way to a new conversation among nations?

Making Peace Among Religions
By Sarah Van Gelder.
Spiritual leaders from 50 countries call for an end to violence in the name of religion

A New Military
By Brigadier General Michael Harbottle
Possibilities for a transformed military

Peace Innovations
Toy gun trade-in, a walk through history, scenarios that help create the future, a campus race dialogue

Parenting Partnerships
By Tera Abelson and Greta Cowan
Divorced parents struggle to find peaceful alternatives to the conflicts that can be so devastating for children
Restorative Justice
By Tag Evers
When a mother meets her son's murderer, grief and anger turn into action

Healing Into Action
By Cherie Brown and George Mazza
Simple ways to reach across ethnic, racial and other divides


Heart & Soul
South Africa: "A Beacon of Hope"
By Archbishop Desmond Tutu
The South Africa Truth and Reconciliation Commission's effort to heal the wounds left from years of apartheid has come under attack. But Archbishop Desmond Tutu believes this form of reconciliation is the country's best hope

Gaviotas Oasis of the Imagination - part 2
(part 1 from previous issue)
By Alan Weisman
In the midst of some of the most barren reaches of Colombia, a group of visionaries invent sustainable technologies, plant trees, and discover - to their amazement - that the rainforest is returning

Business & Livelihood
The Natural Step: Interview with Karl-Henrik Robert
By Sarah van Gelder
Dr. Karl-Henrik Robert had an epiphany about the basic requirements of life when examining cells under a micro-scope. the Natural Step, which grew out of that insight, is helping to green cities, businesses, and house-holds in Sweden, and now in the United States


Global Shift
Nuclear Test: Building Insecurity
By Donella Meadowsr
The testing of nuclear weapons in India and Pakistan brings a deluge of responses


Letter from the Editor
by Sarah Ruth van Gelder

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Sustainable Living
YES! ...but How?
how to buy green electricity, make a non-toxic woodstain, and avoid dry cleaning chemicals

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Book Reviews:
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