Power of One

Issue 11  Fall 1999
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Tips for transformational leaders, finding your calling, people who orient their lives around the common good, and an interview with Marin Espada. Fall 1999.
Common Fire

What is it about people who orient their lives around the common good? Interviews with dozens of entrepreneurs, homemakers, youth workers, artists, community leaders, religious leaders, and others reveal some surprising patterns

Secrets of a Poet Spy

Award-winning poet Martin Espada talks to YES! associate editor Tracy Rysavy about his Latino roots, the pen as an activist's tool, and why we have to imagine a more just world before making it happen.

Find Your Strength

Working in the Hyphen combines the East Asian theory of the Five Elements with Western concepts of leadership.

Reader's Forum

Readers' Forum is a place for your feedback and ideas. We welcome you to use this space to share your thoughts, inspire us with your personal stories, and challenge our thinking and that of our readers.

A Founder of the Next Economy

When rural economies are in trouble, community leaders often turn to the same old solutions - extract more from the natural environment or make big concessions to recruit large companies. Alana Probst has been developing a very differnt approach.

Love of Life

Practical idealists from diverse movements, backgrounds, and perspectives consider how to bring about transformational change

How Do You Love All the Children?

We can make and enjoy the things we need without destroying the natural world, says Bill McDonough. This is the task of the next industrial revolution, and McDonough is one of its designers.

The Feel of the Land

A new food system is sprouting up around the country that supports farmers, while nourishing the land and those who eat the food

The Long Boom?

Responses to the Dialogue of Paul Hawken and David Korten