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Fall 1999

A Daring Compassion
By Alice Walker.
Author and poet Alice Walker on the tears, delights, imperfections, and love of activists

How do you Love All the Children?
an interview with William McDonough by Sarah Ruth van Gelder
Bill McDonough is helping to launch the next industrial revolution with designs that nourish the heart and soul while safeguarding the Earth

A Founder of the Next Economy
by Steve Lerner
As a child, Alana Probst’s sawmill family moved from one timber town to the next as the forests were cut. Today, she helps communities develop more sustaining foundations for their economies

Secrets of a Poet-Spy
an interview with Martín Espada by Tracy Rysavy
A poet who draws on his life as a gas station attendant, janitor, and poverty lawyer; his vivid imagination; and his passion for life

Telling the Children’s Story
Tracy Rysavy.
When 12 year-old Craig Kielburger learns that kids his age are working under conditions of virtual slave labor, he begins an international campaign to Free the Children

Common Fire
by Larry Parks Daloz
What do those who devote their lives to the common good have in common? Interviews with 145 of these people reveal some surprising patterns

Tips for Transformative Leaders 

Find a Place to Stand
with a powerful stand, you can move the world
by Lynne Twist

Find Your Strength are you a Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, or Metal person?
by Kevin Fong

Unmask Power
beware the tyranny of structurelessness
by Joreen

Stop the Blame Game
you are the problem (and also the solution!)
by Sharif M. Abdullah

Spread Leadership organize leaderful groups
by Robert Kenny

Finding Your Calling
by Gregg Levoy
Ever wondered what your calling is? Stories of getting and avoiding your calling

What Happens if I Don't have a Call?
by David Spangler


The Feel of the Land
by Donella H. Meadows
Farmers who stay on the land often do so for love (the finances sure don’t pencil out). Can a new food system take hold that nurtures the land, the people who work it, and those who eat the produce?

business & livelihood
Natural Investing
by Hal Brill, Jack Brill, & Cliff Feigenbaum
Here’s how to invest in the well-being of the planet and your pocketbook, including tips on Y2K finances, seven steps to get you started


The Long Boom? Responses to the Paul Hawken/David Korten dialogue Corporate Futures, published in the YES! Summer 99 issue elicited these responses:
~ Capitalism and primal urges byHerman Gyr
~ Biocentric consciousness by Kurt E. Volckmar
~ Breaking through by Maya Porter
~ Grassroots common sense by Nan Hildreth
~ Rewire the game by Gil Friend
~ Farms and capitalism Brooks Anderson
~ A new Catch-22 by Jeffrey Black
~ Needed: human-sized capitalism by Jeff Gates


Letter from the Editor
by Sarah van Gelder

Readers' Forum


The Page that Counts

YES! ...but How?
How to dispose of electronic equipment. Ejecting termites. Non-toxic oil finishes. Organic oven-cleaner.

In Review
• A Sand County Almanac
Pride & Joy: The Lives and Passions of Women Without Children
• The Natural Step for Business;
• Better Basics for the Home;
A Sacred Primer

PF Network News
Join us in Seattle to Greet the WTO
by Frances Korten

Love of Life
by Sarah Ruth van Gelder & Jan Roberts

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