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Respecting Elders, Becoming Elders

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Table of Contents - Fall 2005

What Is Old Age For?
by William H. Thomas
It turns out there is a reason humans live decades after our reproductive years end, a reason obscured by references to “the golden years” and endless products designed to keep us young. The truth is we need our elders to be elders.

Parenting: The Sequel
Interview by Dee Axelrod
Steve and Rita Old Coyote have already raised four children, so why is their home still full of toddlers?

Of, By, and For Seniors
by Robert Marshall
Retirees with skills, time, and friendship to offer. Elders who need care. A cooperative in Japan helps them get connected.

Seven Ways to Keep Your Marbles
by Jeannette Franks
Is the answer crossword puzzles or brisk daily walks? What scientists say about how to keep sharp.

Retirement Crisis, Real or Imagined?
by Gar Alperovitz
Social security privatization, the collapse of private pensions, low rates of savings—what should we do?

Checkpoint Women
by Judith Kirstein-Keshet
Each day Palestinians pass through checkpoints, and Israeli women, many of them elders, keep watch.

The Folk Rock On
by Utah Phillips as told to Dee Axelrod
How an old-time performer joined forces with an alternative rock idol.



At the Mercy of Strangers
by Wendy Lustbader
What would you ask of the people who will care for you
when you are unable to care for yourself?

Can Elders Save the World?
by Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi
This is no time to be wasting the talents and wisdom of elders.

Elder Resources
by Jacob Galfano

also ...
Where Will I Live? Housing Alternatives for Seniors

Aging Better by Moving Smarter

The Dos and Don’ts of Social Security Reform

10 Reasons Young People Care About Social Security

Ani DiFranco: Radically Righteous Babe


global shift
Operation Homecoming: How to end the war in Iraq
by Erik Leaver
Public opinion is shifting. Americans in increasing numbers want the occupation of Iraq to end. How can we bring the troops home without causing more chaos and hardship?

Supporting the Youth Who Just Say No
by Larry Kerschner
What parents, schools, and communities can do when military recruiters come with offers of scholarships and career opportunities.

Organic Produce Goes to School
by Rebecca Clarren
Parents, teachers, farmers, even kids, are happy about the fresh, local food that is replacing corporate fast food in school cafeterias.


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Letter From the Editor
by Sarah Ruth van Gelder

Readers’ Forum

Mayors fight climate change
States require paper ballots
Kuwaiti women win vote
Minimum-wage workers gain raises
Wind power booms
Wal-Mart riles Canadians
Native American Trust Fund reform urged
Indigenous Power Swells in Bolivia
Cities Go Wireless
Saudis warn of Oil Shortage

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in review
Unmasking empire
The politics of cancer
Delaying the Real World

positive futures network news
Get Your Optimism Fix
by Frances Korten

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