Respecting Elders, Becoming Elders

Issue 35  Fall 2005
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A guide to some of the choices involved in conscious eldering and the good life for baby boomers. Fall 2005.
YES! But How? :: Lumber Certification

Searching for simple and practical ways to live sustainably? Want to be part of the solution? Looking to create a safer world for yourself and your family?

Parenting: The Sequel

These grandparents bring savvy and compassion to the task of raising another generation

Of, By and For Seniors: Japanese Seniors Co-operatives

Japanese families are getting smaller while the ranks of the aged are growing. A co-operative has stepped into this vacuum, connecting thousands of elders who have something to give and something to receive.

7 Ways to Keep Your Marbles

The general wisdom was, until recently, “If you want to live a long, healthy life, choose your grandparents wisely.” While of course one can’t, just 30 percent of physical aging is genetically predetermined, according to an eight-year study of 1,000 well-functioning seniors, by MacArthur “genius” grant recipients John Rowe and Robert Kahn.

Can Elders Save the World

The work of elders may never have been so important as it is today, when the continuation of life on Earth is at stake and wisdom is in short supply