Ten Reasons Young People Should Care About Social Security

1.     Because you love to visit your grandparents—at their house. Before Social Security, most families had all the generations living under one roof, and without Social Security, half of all seniors would live in poverty. Right now. Today.

2.     Because this is not only about retirees. This is about the kid down the street whose dad died. That kid gets Social Security now, so the family can pick up the pieces. They have a lot to lose.

3.     Because you're paying into it every month, and that money had damn well better be there when you need it!

4.     Because taking Social Security money out of the fund so people can invest it in “private accounts” means having to cut benefits even more.

5.     Because investments are a gamble. A system that depends on good luck and bad luck can't provide a safety net guarantee.

6.     Because the only way to pay current benefits if people take their money out of Social Security to invest is to borrow trillions of dollars for decades to come. That's a loss that young people are going to have to make up through tax increases.

7.     Because “The White House, in a private memo to conservative allies, strongly argues that Social Security benefits paid to future retirees must be significantly reduced,” according to the Wall Street Journal. “To fail to make benefit cuts while diverting payroll taxes to workers' personal accounts,” the memo argues, “would be irresponsible.”

8.     Because some politicians want to trick you. If you think Social Security won't be there for you, you're falling right into the trap. They want you to think that, because they don't want to pay your benefits. Don't let anyone trick you into thinking you've got nothing to lose.

9.     Because the reason Social Security needs more money in the future is that younger generations are living longer. It's important to keep the Social Security guarantee at about the same level it is today—not less—even if that means paying a little more to get it.

10. Because Social Security is retro chic.

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