RX for the Earth

Deformed wildlife, lower sperm counts, childhood cancers, and depressed IQs—all have been linked to hormone-disrupting chemicals you probably have in your home.

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Rx for the Earth
summer 1998

by Frances F. Korten

Building a Nontoxic Future
Sarah van Gelder talks with Theo Colborn about her discoveries

Corporate Science
by Peter Montague
The effect of money on what scientists study and who puts the spin on the results.

Research by the People
by Dick Sclove
What if US universities followed the Dutch example and conducted research at the request of communities and public-interest groups?

Clean Water: What's it Worth?
by Carl Frankel
From the salt waters off Texas to the mountain reservoirs that supply New York City confrontational and collaborative approaches to getting clean water.

Mothers for Eco-Justice
by Tracy Rysavy
The women in poor and minority neighborhoods often lead the opposition to incinerators, toxic dumps, or other hazards. But this environmental justice movement goes far beyond their own back yards.

A Design Revolution
by Stuart Cowan
Leading-edge designs eliminate harmful chemicals from industry, farming, and landscaping - and rely instead on Mother Nature's design principles.

Health Care without Harm
by Elise Miller
Medical professionals and community activists collaborate with hospitals on alternatives to medical waste incineration, which is a major source of dioxin.

Safer Homes and Gardens
by Scott Morris
You can reduce your exposure to harmful synthetic chemicals now - here are the top priority steps.

Mr. ED's Resource Guide
Where to go, what to read, how to get involved. Mister ED (Endocrine Disrupter) lays it out.

Sense of Place
Gaviotas! Oasis of the Imagination part I
by Alan Weisman
A group of scrappy inventors and visionaries brings new life and sustainable technologies to some of the most barren soils of Columbia.

Heart & Soul
The Language of Nonviolence
There are two kinds of language, says Marshall Rosenberg, one makes people alienated, angry, or bored; the other elicits compassion.

Arts & Media
Theatre Behind Bars
by Zoot
With a few exceptions, all those in prison will one day hit the streets. Can drama help with the transition back?

Business & Livelihood
Let them Eat Stock
by David C. Korten
The debate on investing Social Security funds in the stock markets misses a key point - an inflated stock market won't feed and care for retirees.

Global Shift
Power Shift in India
by Vandana Shiva
The western press missed the big story of India's recent election: the "no" vote on economic globalization.

Sustainable Living
The Overspent American
Juliet Schor discusses ways out of the mind-numbing, resource-depleting cycle of work-and-spend with Cecile Andrews, John de Graaf, Duane Elgin, Vicki Robin, Betsy Taylor, and Wanda Urbanska.

Mall Quest
by Elias Amidon
A contemplative journey through a shopping mall.

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