Resources for a Spiritual Uprising

Getting Out There

American Muslim Voice, a San Francisco-based civil rights group organizes against INS round-ups and offers a hotline to assist victims of round-ups, racial profiling, and hate crimes (1/866-490-8900), 650/387-1994,

Buddhist Peace Fellowship encourages activism rooted in Buddhist teachings. Publishers of Turning Wheel: The Journal of Socially Engaged Buddhism, BPF also runs study/practice groups, prison programs, and youth retreats. 510/655-6169,

Campaign to Defend the Constitution is a web-based grassroots organization dedicated to protecting the separation of church and state and individual freedoms against the religious right, while still respecting the beliefs of all religious and spiritual people.

The Direct Action and Research Training Center (DART), based in Miami, offers resources and training to help congregation-based community organizations of all faiths work for social justice. 305/576-8020,

The Gamaliel Foundation helps to establish and sustain interfaith and interracial organizations working for social, economic, environmental, and political change. 312/357-2639,

Muslim WakeUp! is an online magazine covering topics from sexuality and gender issues to civil liberties with an open, modern outlook.

Pax Christi is an international Catholic nonprofit organization working on disarmament, human rights, economic justice, and the environment. They publish Catholic Peace Voice, a bi-monthly magazine, and Locusts and Wild Honey, the quarterly publication of their Young Adult Forum. 814/453-4955,,

Progressive Muslim Union of North America provides a forum, voice, and organizing mechanism “for those in the Muslim community who wish to pursue a progressive religious, intellectual, social, and political agenda.” 646/485-1163 or

Sabbath Economics Collaborative is a coalition of faith-based individuals and organizations dedicated to economic justice. They sponsor retreats and facilitate cooperation among member groups. More information at

Spirit in Action is a Massachusetts-based nonprofit organization dedicated to spiritually grounded social change. The Spirit in Action website includes resources and guidelines for forming “Circles of Change”—small, community-based groups. 413/256-4612,

Starhawk’s Activism Resource Page provides resources for Pagan activists such as listserves, training tools, and essays, by the author of The Earth Path, and Webs of Power. See

Stone Circles is a small organization dedicated to spiritually driven social activism. Their website features articles, essays, and links to resources for spiritual activists.

Sustaining the Common Good: A Christian Perspective on the Global Economy by John B. Cobb Jr., offers a critique of the contemporary, market-driven economic system. Cobb’s book proposes that a sustainable economy based on the needs of the community is not only more faithfully Christian than the current system, but also is truly feasible. The Pilgrim Press, 1994

Sojourners Magazine is a progressive Christian magazine featuring articles about politics, faith, and culture. 202/328-8842 or 800/714-7474,

Tikkun is a bi-monthly Jewish/interfaith progressive magazine with articles on politics, faith, and culture. Tikkun organizes the Network of Spiritual Progressives ( 510/644-1200,

Journey Inward

Engaged Buddhist Reader, edited by Arnold Kotler, brings together 60 writings from the movement for socially engaged Buddhism. Contributors include the Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hanh, Jack Kornfeld, Joanna Macy and others. Parallax Press, 2005

Faith Works: Lessons from the Life of an Activist Preacher by Jim Wallis, is a “call to renewal” by Wallis, an evangelical preacher who challenges Christians of all stripes to merge faith with a progressive social activism. A personal story well told, Wallis’ book details his own struggles and his progression toward a faith imbued with progressive activism. Random House, 2000

The Fragrance of Faith: The Enlightened Heart of Islam, author Jamal Rahman invokes the teachings of his grandfather and parents to craft a portrait of the Muslim faith. The Book Foundation, 2004

Pagan Institute Report is an inclusive resource for socially conscious Pagan scholars and activists. The book features essays about Pagan activism.

Prayers for a Thousand Years is an engrossing compilation of poetry and prose with roots in spirituality, edited by Elizabeth Roberts and Elias Amidon,
HarperCollins, 2005. Visit

Spiritual Schooling

The Archdiocese of St. Paul, Office of Social Justice Website features key documents of Catholic social teaching in English, Spanish, and condensed form. Resources for educators include a reading list and links.

The Center for Progressive Christianity seeks to encourage inclusive, progressive church culture through networking opportunities, forums, and resources for educators, artists, and activists. 617/441-0928,

Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston, Tzedek Resource Guide offers extensive resources for educators and activists focusing on the social justice implications of the Jewish faith. 617/457-8600,

Living the Questions, edited by Sam M. Intrator, is a collection of essays on education and spirituality inspired by Parker J. Palmer, educator and author of A Hidden Wholeness, The Company of Strangers, and more. Jossey-Bass, 2005 is an on-line magazine for Jewish activists, featuring listings for social action, jobs and internships and resources for educators. 617/965-7700 or 888/458-8535,

Together At Last

Center of Concern is an interfaith organization for economic and social justice based on principles of Catholic Social Teaching. Articles on corporate accountability at: 202/635-2757,

The Interfaith Alliance, representing over 70 faith traditions, provides opportunities for activism through 47 local alliances. Call 202/639-6370 or 800/510-0969, or visit the Interfaith Alliance website at

Interfaith Voices for Peace and Justice provides an on-line directory of over 700 faith-based peace and justice organizations maintained by Focus of Concern. 

Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life provides news, polls, and reports on issues where faith and politics intersect. 202/419-4550,

U.S. Interfaith Trade Justice Campaign mobilizes faith groups on fair trade issues.
Information about CAFTA, corporate responsibility, the need for readily available generic medicines, and similar topics can be found at www.tradejustice? or by calling 202/635-2757x134


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